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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Hogan, Margaret A.; Reid, Jonathan M. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: New York (5)
23 (2009)

Appendix I: Richard Morris: notes on the Constitution, January-July 1788,   pp. 2531-2535

Page 2534

of press Lyberty of Concience or any other Lyberty that a freeman
ought not to be deprived of.
No Govt. can Controul the press.
the people too well informed-
10. no Appropriation of Money for more than 2 Years without Money
Army Disband itself-No Standing Army Congress can Raise can Sup-
port Despotizm over this Country Every Citizen is a Soldier and the
Bulk of them Know their own Rights and can never be strip [p]ed of
11th. where the whole power of one Department Exercised by the
Same hands which possess the whole power of another the Objectn.
would be Maintainable-but [-- -] from whom the Gent[leme]n who
mean to Sup [por] t this Objectn. drew it, Never meant that the Execte.
Legislative and Juditial should have no agency in or Controul over Each
other the B[ri]t[ish] constitution was his Guide in the Business. and
we All Know they are by No Means totally Sep [ara] te & Dist [inc] t. The
King Ex[ecuti]ve Branch. Legislative He makes treatys. The force of
Laws. Jud[iciar]y Apptd. by him and Removeable by him on the Ad-
dress of the 2 Houses. and when he pleases he can Make them his
Constitutional Council-the House of Lords the great National council
to the Exec [utiv] e and pos [sesse] d also of the Judiciary in Appeal &
Imp [eachmen] t
12. A . .. 1
13. the Congress under new Constitution more Numerous and Safer
to the people than the old one 13 Votes only Less if Divided-
14 Regards no Goverment Ever Equall to Vacancies filled ag [reea] ble
to the Consn-there is Nothing to fear from this objectn-
15th. Must act in Every Instance by and with the Advice and Consent
of Senate Exc [ep]t in Granting Reprieves or pardons.
16. the Country too Extensive too farr Removed for European In-
17. at Stated periods all Reverts to the people.-
18. frequent Changes are Undoubtedly security. but if too frequent
Injur [iou] s
19. if
Yates & Lansing
our powers were Explicit and Confined to the sole and Express pur-
pose of Revising the Articles of Confederation and Reporting such Al-
terations and provisions therein as should Render the federal Consti-
tution Adequate to the Exigencies of Goverment and the preservation
of the Union2
1st. to Correct a Negligence in Electns.

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