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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Hogan, Margaret A.; Reid, Jonathan M. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: New York (5)
23 (2009)

Appendix I: Richard Morris: notes on the Constitution, January-July 1788,   pp. 2531-2535

Page 2533

21. Militia under the Immediate Command of Congress persons un-
der concientious Scruples may be Compd to Bear Arms
22d the new Goverment will be Expensive beyond any yet Experi-
enced-a Burthen beyond the Abilities of the people-
23. a Goverment partakeing of Monarchy and Aristocracy will be fully
Established and Lyberty Abolishd
1st. it is more a Goverment of the people than the present Congress:
They Chose by the difft Legislatures the proposed Representation will
be Chose by the people therefore more in favour of Lyberty
2d in Every Goverment on Earth the Life Lyberty and property of a
Citizen may be forfeited by a Violation of the Laws. and in Such Case
only the New Goverment has the power and the tryal for Life must be
by jury Except in Cases of impeacht. and in the State where Offence
3d it is impracticable to Secure all the Rights of Independant Sov-
eraignty to Each of the States and provide for the Interest and Safety
of All by a Feoderal Goverment-Dissention-
4th on the Acct. of Soveraignty can never Happen unless Some State
Oppose the Interest of the whole federated State and the Very design
of the Goverment is to Overcome Such Opposition by a Majority thereby
insure domestick tranquility provide for Common Defence promote
the Genll. Wellfare and Secure the Blessings of Lyberty for these pur-
poses Ever thought Nec [essar]y
[5.] Addll. powers Vested in Congress the principle Object the States
had in View in Appointing the Convention-these powers Extend only
to Matters Respecting the Common Interest of the Union and are Spe-
cially Defined. the States Retain their Soveraignty in all other Matters
and those they Exercise by their Representation in the federal Gt.
6. The State Goverments are designed for all purposes whatsoever in
the formation of them Reservations might be Necessary the federal
Goverment is for federal purposes and its power bounded by the Const.
they can derive no power by implicn. had a Bill of Rights Attend [e]d
and one Right Omitted they would in that instance Exercise a power
not Inten [de] d to be Granted without it Much the safest for the people.
7 the state Soveraignty not incomp [atib] le with the Very Existance
of the federal Govt. is Retained and the Rep [ublica] n form of Gover-
ment Guarranteed to Each and Every of the States.
8th. Tryal by Jury is Expressly preservd. in Criminal Cases.
9th. the Lyberty of the press in Each State can only be in Danger
from the Laws of that State and it is Every where well secured-Lyberty

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