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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Hogan, Margaret A.; Reid, Jonathan M. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: New York (5)
23 (2009)

VI. Commentaries on the New York Convention, 8 June-30 July 1788,   pp. 2341-2380

Page 2343

2. See John Lansing, Jr., to Abraham Yates, Jr., 1 June 1788 (RCS:N.Y, 1122-23). For
the preparation of "previous amendments" by Antifederalist delegates, see also Abraham
G. Lansing to Yates, 1 June, and Yates to Abraham G. Lansing, 15 June (RCS:N.Y, 1120-
22, 1173-74).
3. Reprinted in full in the New York Packet, 17 June, and six times outside New York by
25 June: Pa. (5), N.J. (1). The first paragraph alone was reprinted in the New York Museum,
17 June, Lansingburgh Federal Herald, 23 June, and Albany Journal, 23 June. Variations of
the report appeared in the New York Journal, 16 June (one Rhode Island reprint) and in
the Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 18 June (one reprint in Maryland and in Virginia).
See Mfm:N.Y for these variations.
4. "Several members" probably included Melancton Smith and Nathaniel Lawrence
(see document immediately above).
5. For another account of the salute from the "battery," see Abraham Yates, Jr., to
Abraham G. Lansing, 15 June (RCS:N.Y, 1173-74).
6. Reprinted: Daily Advertiser, 20 June; Pennsylvania Packet, 25 June.
7. Reprinted six times by 18 August: Vt. (1), N.H. (2), Mass. (2), R.I. (1).
James M. Hughes to John Lamb
Poughkeepsie, 17 June 17881
Dear General
At 12 O'Clock this Day 52 Members of the Convention assembled at
the Court House-His Excellency the Governor was appointed Presi-
dent-they then proceeded to ballot for a Committee to prepare Rules
for their Government as a deliberative Assembly and thereupon Mr.
Lansing Mr. Jones Mr. Haring Mr. Duane & Mr. Richard Morris were
chosen-they then adjourned till Tomorrow Morning 10 'Clock-
The Numbers of the Anties astonish the Federalists and they look on
their Case as desperate2-This is all I can afford you at present
Adieu & believe me to be your sincere Friend & Hum Servt
1. RC, Lamb Papers, NHi. See also Hughes to Lamb, 18 June (RCS:N.Y, 1202-3).
2. Of the sixty-five delegates, forty-six were Antifederalists.
Abraham Bancker to Evert Bancker
Poughkeepsie, 18 June 17881
I have just time to inform you that we arrived safe and in good Order
on Sonday Afternoon [15 June], that we are provided with good Quar-
ters and excellent Accommodations at Mrs. Van Kleeks,2 that we made
a House Yesterday and proceeded to the election of a President when
his Excellency Govr. Clinton was chosen unanimously. AB Bancker &
John Mc.Kesson Secry's. and the other necessary Officers were also
chosen; that Rules for the Convention have been drawn up and agreed
to; that after the Constitution & the Papers accompanying it were read,
the House previous to Adjournment this day, resolved that they would

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