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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

Biographical gazetteer,   pp. 727-734

Page 728

Declaration of Independence. Member Republican Society, 1779; helped establish
Bank of North America, 1781. Philadelphia assemblyman, 1785-89. Delegate Con-
stitutional Convention, 1787. Elected U.S. House of Representatives, 1788; declined
reelection, 1790. Federal collector of excise, Pennsylvania, 1791-94.
DALLAs, ALEXANDER J. (1759-1817)
Born Jamaica, West Indies; attended Edinburgh University, Scotland; returned
to Jamaica, 1780; admitted to bar. Came to Philadelphia, 1783; admaitted to
Philadelphia bar and to practice before state Supreme Court, 1785. Editor Colum-
bian Magazine, 1787-89; Pennsylvania Herald, 1787-88. Reported debates in Penn-
sylvania Convention, 1787. Secretary of Pennsylvania, 1790-1801; U.S. d strict at-
torney Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 1801-14; U.S. Secretary of Treasury, 1814-
16. Editor, Reports of Cases Ruled and Adjudged in the Several Courts of the
United States and of Pennsylvania, etc. (4 vols., 1790--1807).
EWING, JOHN (1732-1802)
Born Maryland; graduated College of New Jersey, 1754; pastor First Presbyterian
Church, Philadelphia, 1759-1802; degree of doctor of divinity Edinburgh University,
Scotland, 1773; provost University of Pennsylvania, 1779-1802. Opposed ratification
of Constitution, 1787-88; accused of writing "Centinel" essays.
FINDLEY, WILLIAM (1741-1821)
Born northern Ireland; came to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1763; weaver,
school teacher, lawyer. Captain of militia, 1776-77; moved to Westmoreland County,
1782. Delegate Council of Censors, opposed revision of state constitution 1783-84.
Assemblyman, 1784-88; delegate state Convention, voted against ratification, 1787.
Delegate Harrisburg Convention, 1788. Member Supreme Executive Council, 1789-
90; delegate state constitutional convention, chairman of committee which wrote
new state constitution, 1789-90. Member: state House of Representatives, 1790-91;
U.S. House of Representatives, 1791-99, 1803-17; state Senate, 1799-1803.
FIrzSIMONs, THOMAS (1741-1811)
Born Ireland, Roman Catholic parents; came to Philadelphia, 1761; wealthy
merchant. Raised militia company, 1776; member Republican Society, 1779. A
founder of Bank of North America, 1781; director of Bank, 1781-1803. Member
Confederation Congress, 1782-83; delegate Council of Censors, supported revision
of state constitution, 1783-84. Philadelphia assemblyman, 1785-89; delegate Con-
stitutional Convention, 1787. Member U.S. House of Representatives, 1789-95.
A founder, director, and president Insurance Company of North America; president
Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
(See DAB for his life and career prior to his return to America from France,
Sept. 1785.) Claimed as leader by Constitutionalists; nominated for counc illor from
Philadelphia; elected unanimously, Oct. 1785; president, Supreme Executive Coun-
cil, 1785-88. Delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1787; delivered conciliatory
address at close of Convention which was widely published by Federalists late
1787 and early 1788. Nominated for state Convention by Constitutionalists, but
defeated, 1787. Last public act was to sign a petition to Congress encouraging
abolition of slavery, 1790.

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