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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania

B. The Carlisle Riot and its aftermath, 26 December 1787-20 March 1788,   pp. 670-708

Page 695

but no one takes the least notice of us while our advarsary carrys on
aconstant intercourse with their confedrates every where. The Pamph-
let4 for which we sent you the Subscription paper is in the Press and
will be out emediatly we have engaged to pay the Printers 15 Pound for
Printing 1400 Copies I am persuaded 3 times that number of them
would sell befor the It of may when you see it I think you will say
that it is both good Satir and good reasoning we would wish to know
if any has subscribed for it in the City and how many the money
for Printing must all be paid in hand before the Books is taken away.
The Bearer is atrusty friend. The correspondent Commitee here
would have wrote with him had they known of his going I hope you
will not fail to send what Intelegence you know worth the communi-
cating with him we have not heard yet whether our address of thanks
&c5 or any of our other peices have been printed but We depend if
you recd. them you would not fail to have it done we are very anxious
to see afew of the Papers up here be so kind Sir to take the trouble to
send them by the Bearer afew of the Centinals would be very accept-
able they are much admired here & we have seen one since the 9th6
if business permit your writing a few lines would very much oblidge
your humble servt.
P.S. I expect in short time to have the Pleasure of informing you what
the issue of our going to Jail will be In the inclosed newspaper you will
observe aspurious letter pretend to be wrote by the author of the
Centinal7 &c. but wrote in Carlisle as we imagine I could wish you
would show it to the real author of the Centinal and request him to
send an answer to it by the Bearer to be published here I hope he-11
treat the author according to his deserts we would have answered it
here but were of opinion it would come best from the Centinal him-
self it is necessary to answer it as some people in the Country beleive
that it realy came from the Centinal. Perhaps you could furnish us
with a peice to publish by way of retaliation for the letter under
the Carlisle head said [to] be from a Getleman in the Mercantile line
in Philadelphia but I am certain was done in Carlisle-Both the
Clergymen in this town are against us, but particularly Davidson8 is
our inviterate enemy, he declares he-ll leave the Congregation if the
mob (as he calls them) that opposed the rejoicing is not prosecuted
with rigor; the truth is he is an insignificant tool to the mock gentry
here. John Chriegh is our most Malicious enemy:9 the reason why
I mention these, is, that it is supposed, you and some other of our
friends in the City, have derected intelegence to them (they being
formerly proffesed friends to the constitution of Pensylvania) in-
tended for us, and they have suppressed it, and we been deprived of
usefull information. The people here in this County and Franklin

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