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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

B. The Carlisle Riot and its aftermath, 26 December 1787-20 March 1788,   pp. 670-708

Page 691

authors names we detest. We know it is the practice of our despotic
opponents; but we contend for a free press, and abhor every thing
that has the least tendency to shackle it. Neither do we employ pimps
and spies to catch what intelligence they can, by obtruding themselves
upon companies, where their presence is as disagreeable and surfeit-
ing as the fluxion of dirt which is emitted by the authors of another
of the people.
Thus I have so far dissected this putrid carcase, were I to take
notice of all the dirt which it contains, I must transcribe the whole;
but this is a task by far too laborious, disagreeable and nauseous.-
Other persons pointed at will therefore excuse me, if I omit saying
any thing in their behalf; it greatly accelerates our business in this
affair, that we have the good-will, faith, and credit of the country on
our side. We are struggling for their rights and liberties, as well as
our own; which entitles us at least to their approbation, and (to the
mortification of our adversaries), we have it in the most [line unread-
able] course with the following new song, entitled,
The FEDERAL JOY, to the tune of
Alexander, hated thinking.
I. AWAKE my muse in copious numbers,
Sing the federal joy compleat,
The loud huzzas the cannon thunders
Announce their triumphs to be great.
II.  Behold they march with curls flying,
Weary steps, and powdered heads,
Soften'd hands, with eyes espying
Crowds of whigs assembled.
III. But see they halt, & now are forming
Regular as veteran bands,
Breathing defiance, scoffing, scorning,
The low opposers of their plans.
IV. But now a crew for constitution,
Harshly then began to treat them,
Despising federal institution,
Nor aw'd by powder or pomatum.
V. From words to blows, those vile aggressors,
Rudely drove our harmless band,
Despoil'd the work of their hair-dressers,
Daring assumed the chief command.
VI. Now helter skelter in disorder,
Flew our heroes to their homes,
Happy their legs were in good order,
To save from geting broken bones.

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