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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania

A. Proceedings and debates of the convention,   pp. 326-616

Page 612

That when the Constitution, proposed by the late General Conven-
tion, shall have been organized, this commonwealth will cede to the
Congress of the United States the jurisdiction over any place in Penn-
sylvania, not exceeding ten miles square, which, with the consent of the
inhabitants, the Congress may choose, for the seat of the government
of the United States, excepting only the city of Philadelphia, the dis-
trict of Southwark, and that part of the Northern Liberties included
within a line running parallel with Vine street, at the distance of
one mile northward thereof, from the river Schuylkill to the southern
side of the main branch of Cohockshink Creek, thence down the said
creek to its junction with the river Delaware; but the marshland, and
so much of the adjoining bank on the same side of the said creek as
shall be necessary for the erecting any dams, or works to command
the water thereof, are excluded from this exception.
On the question being put, the yeas and nays were called by Thomas
M'Kean and Robert Whitehill, and were as follow.
YEAS [46]
1 George Latimer
2 Benjamin Rush
3 Hilary Baker
4 James Wilson
5 Thomas M'Kean
6 William M'Pherson
7 John Hunn
8 George Gray
9 Samuel Ashmead
10 Enoch Edwards
11 Henry Wynkoop
12 John Barclay
13 Thomas Yardley
14 Abraham Stout
15 Thomas Bull
16 Anthony Wayne
17 William Gibbons
18 Richard Downing
19 Thomas Cheney
20 John Hannum
21 Stephen Chambers
22 Robert Coleman
23 Sebastian Graff
24 John Hubley
25 Jasper Yeates
26 Henry Slagle
27 Thomas Campbell
28 Thomas Hartley
29 David Grier
30 John Black
31 Benjamin Pedan
32 Nicholas Lutz
38 John Arndt
34 Stephen Balliott
35 Joseph Horsefield
36 David Deshler
37 William Wilson
38 John Boyd
39 John Nevill
40 John Allison
41 Jonathan Roberts
42 John Richards
43 Frederick A. Muhlenberg
44 James Morris
45 Timothy Pickering
46 Benjamin Elliott
NAYS [16]
1 John Harris
2 John Reynolds
3 Robert Whitehill
4 Jonathan Hoge
5 John Ludwig
6 John Bishop
7 James Martin
8 Joseph Powell
9 William Findley
10 John Baird
11 William Todd
12 James Edgar
13 Nathaniel Breading
14 John Smilie
15 Richard Bard
16 Adam Orth

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