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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

A. Proceedings and debates of the convention,   pp. 326-616

Page 606

1. The Form of Ratification has been transcribed literally. On 15 Il ecember
this Form of Ratification was printed in the Pennsylvania Packet and was re-
printed six times in the state. Outside Pennsylvania it was reprinted twenty
times from Vermont to Maryland by 7 January. For a preliminary draf; of the
Form of Ratification, see Yeates's Notes, Mfm:Pa. 265.
Convention Debates, P.M.
On the return of the members to the Convention, Mr. Hartley hoped
that the opposition might yet be induced to sign the Ratification as
a fair and honorable acquiescence in the principle, that a majority
should govern. To which Mr. Smilie replied, that speaking for him-
self, he never would allow his hand, in so gross a manner, to give
the lie to his heart and tongue. Two copies of the proposed Consti-
tution were then formally ratified by the members who had voted
in favor of it, Mr. Harris observing, that though he had voted against
it, and would still abide by that vote, so far as to decline putting his
signature to the Ratification, yet he did now, and always should
consider himself to be bound by the sense of the majority of any
public body of which he had the honor to be appointed a member.
The Convention then adjourned till yesterday morning at half past
nine o'clock. [Pennsylvania Herald, 15 December]
Newspaper Reports of the Public Celebration
of Ratification on 13 December
And yesterday, between the hours of 12 and I o'clock, the above
resolution was publicly read at the courthouse, by the secretary of
the Convention, to a large concourse of citizens, who testified their
applause by three cheers. The members of Council and Convention,
some militia officers and citizens composed a procession. A detach-
ment of the militia train of artillery fired a federal salute on Market
Street wharf, and the bells of Christ Church were rung on the solemn
occasion. [Independent Gazetteer, 14 December]
Yesterday the Convention of this state (accompanied by His Ex-
cellency the President, the Vice President and the members of the
Supreme Executive Council; also by several members of Congress, the
faculty of the university, the magistrates, and militia officers of the
city) went in procession to the courthouse, where the Ratification of
the Constitution of the United States was read, amidst the acclamations
of a great concourse of citizens--13 cannon' were fired and the bells
were rung on this joyful occasion;2 after this the Convention retirned
to the State House and subscribed the two copies of the Ratification.

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