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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

A. The assembly calls the state convention,   pp. 58-111

Page 68

GEORGE CLYMER: The House cannot, sir, have forgotten a business
of the highest magnitude, which was recommended to their attention
by the Federal Convention, and 1 am persuaded they will readily con-
cur in taking the necessary measures for calling a convention of the
citizens of Pennsylvania, to deliberate upon that plan of government
which has been presented to this House; for which reason I shall submit
the following resolutions.
"Whereas the Convention of deputies from the several states com-
posing the Union, lately held in this city, have published a Constitu-
tion for the future government of the United States, to be submitted
to conventions of deputies chosen in each state by the people thereof,
under the recommendation of its legislature, for their assent and
ratification, and whereas it is the sense of great numbers of the
good people of this state, already signified in petitions and declara-
tions to this House, that the earliest steps should be taken to assemble
a convention within the state, for the purpose of deliberating and
determining on the said Constitution.
"Resolved, That it be recommended to such inhabitants of the
state as are entitled to vote for representatives to the General As-
sembly, that they choose suitable persons to serve as deputies in a
state convention, for the purpose herein before mentioned; that is,
for the city of Philadelphia and the counties respectively, the same
number of deputies that each is entitled to, of representatives in the
General Assembly.
"Resolved, That the elections for deputies as aforesaid be held at
the several places in the said city and counties, as is fixed by law
for holding the elections of representatives to the General Assembly,
and that the same be conducted by the officers who conduct the said
elections of representatives, and agreeably to the rules and regulations
"Resolved, That the election of deputies aforesaid shall be held
for the city of Philadelphia, and for the counties of Philadelphia,
Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, York, Cumberland, Berks, Northampton,
Northumberland, Montgomery, Franklin, and Dauphin, on the ninth
day of October next, and the election for deputies for the counties of
Bedford, Huntingdon, Westmoreland, Washington, and Fayette, be
held on the fourth Tuesday in October next.1
"Resolved, That the persons so elected to serve in convention shall
assemble on the          , at the State House, in the city of Phila-
"Resolved, That the proposition submitted to this House by the
deputies of Pennsylvania in the General Convention of the states, of

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