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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

A. The assembly calls the state convention,   pp. 58-111

Page 59

Newspaper Report of Assembly Proceedings
The Speaker [Thomas Mifflin] presented a letter to the House from
their delegates in Convention, of the following purport, viz., that
they were happy in being able to inform the House, that the Con-
vention had agreed upon the Constitution of a federal government
for the United States, and that the delegates were ready to report
to the legislature, at any time that should be appointed.
Upon motion, and special order, this letter was taken up for a
second reading, when Mr. Fitzsimons observed, that as this measure
was essentially interesting to the people, and as it had already exer-
cised a great share of public patience, he should propose that tomorrow
morning at 11 o'clock be appointed for receiving the report of the
delegates which being seconded by Mr. Hubley was accordingly agreed
Mr. Fitzsimons then mentioned that it was the wish of the delegates
to the Federal Convention, after the accomplishment of so arduous
a task, to enjoy a social meeting; which, on account of the departure
of some of them this evening, had been appointed for today's dinner.
He hoped, therefore, that the House would agree to an adjournment
in order that the Speaker and the other members of the House that
were delegates might have it in their power to attend this appoint-
ment. Accordingly the House adjourned to meet tomorrow morning
at half past 9 o'clock. [Pennsylvania Herald, 18 September]
The Pennsylvania Assembly
18 September 1787
Assembly Proceedings'
On motion of William Findley, seconded by William Will,
Ordered, That Mr. Piper and Mr. C. Moore be a committee, to
introduce the honorable the deputies representing this state in the
Federal Convention into the Assembly chamber, for the purpose of
reporting to this House the Constitution agreed to by the Convention
for the government of the United States.
Ordered, .. . That the deputies from this state to the late General
Convention may be introduced.

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