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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

The ratification of the Constitution by Pennsylvania,   pp. [29]-[52]

Page 43

27 November and 11 December and are by far the most difficult to
decipher. Wayne did not begin each day's debates on a new sheet
of paper; and occasionally, because of the lack of space, he placed
isolated notes of a speech on separate pages with notes from speeches
on other days. These isolated notes are sometimes indicated by a
hand device. Usually each page was divided vertically with the right
column reserved for notes of speeches and the left column for Wayne's
own marginal notes. Most -marginal notes appear to be Wayne's own
thoughts which he did not present in speeches, but some of them ap-
pear to be notes of speeches answering specific objections to the
Constitution. The notes for 27 November and part of the notes for
30 November and 1 December are in the William L. Clements Library
at the University of Michigan. The remainder of Wayne's notes are
in the collection of H. Bartholomew Cox, who published the notes of
the debates on 6, 7, 8, and 11 December as "The Convention Notes
of Anthony Wayne," Manuscripts, XVI (1964), 18-25.
The notes taken by Jasper Yeates are in two different depositories.
The main collection, in the library of the Independence National
Historical Park, contains: (1) drafts of two of his speeches, (2) notes
of debates from 30 November to 11 December, and (3) a draft of the
form of ratification. Yeates's miscellaneous legal papers at the His-
torical Society of Pennsylvania contain notes of debates on 26, 27,
and 28 November.
The notes in the Independence National Historical Park library
have been printed by R. Carter Pittman as "Jasper Yeates's Notes on
the Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention, 1787," William and Mary
Quarterly, 3rd series, XXII (1965), 301-18. Yeates's notes, as printed
in this volume, with some variations, agree with Pittman's version
except for a two-page draft of a speech which Pittman attributes to
James Wilson on 4 December. He states that Lloyd's report of the
debate "follows the general outline of the speech reported here by
Yeates." However, the evidence indicates that the two pages are the
draft of a speech given by Yeates on 30 November. Dallas' report of
Yeates's speech (in the Pennsylvania Herald) duplicates many of the
phrases in the draft, and the references to and quotations from the
Constitution are the same.
There is no adequate account of the ratification of the Constitution
by Pennsylvania. McMaster and Stone's Pennsylvania and the Federal
Constitution is compiled largely from the Independent Gazetteer,
Pennsylvania Herald, and Pennsylvania Packet. The volume also
contains brief biographical sketches of the members of the Convention
prepared by W. H. Egle. Much information about the years preceding

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