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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Index,   pp. 415-458 ff.

Page 453

against suits, 107-8; time will work out
exact division of under Constitution,
111; states are sovereign under Articles
of Confederation, 192; Constitution
guarantees to states, 235, 238. See also
Division of powers; Enumerated powers;
Government, debate over nature of; Re-
served powers; States, impact of Con-
stitution upon; Supremacy clause
SPAIN: See Governments, ancient and mod-
SPEECH, FREEDOM OF: proposed amend-
ments protecting, 43, 202, 316; abused
by R.I. majority, 371n. See also Bill of
rights; Press, freedom of the
amendments guaranteeing, 42, 43, 201-
2, 299, 315. See also Bill of rights; Due
process of law; Judiciary, U.S.; Jury trials
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.: secession of from
N.Y. if state does not ratify, 271, 370
Constitution will encourage creation of
new states in West, 25; and equal rep-
resentation of in Senate, 73, 181, 387;
will be destroyed, 76; federal courts as
restraint on (judicial review), 97; re-
straints on, 97, 138, 142, 162; will act
as check on Congress, 132-33; will limit
federal officeholders' actions, 132-33;
number of officeholders will be reduced,
134; legislatures of will have to meet
less, 134-35; will be less concerned with
national matters, 135; Constitution
guarantees republican government to,
138, 235; new states will be added to
Union on parity with old states, 164;
praise of election of Senate by legisla-
tures of, 181; Constitution makes states
a nation, 214; great blow to sovereignty
of, 308
- proposed amendments: giving states
right to apportion Representatives by
districts, 299-300; states cannot be tried
by U.S. judiciary, 300; treaties cannot
alter state constitutions, 300; legislatures
of should have power to fill vacancies in
Senate, 303; legislatures of should retain
right to pass bankruptcy laws concerning
insolvent debtors, 303; giving states
power to recall Senators, 303, 346; pro-
hibits Congress from interfering with re-
demption of state paper money, 319,
347; limits power of Congress over mil-
itias of, 348; prohibits treaties from
changing state constitutions, 349; re-
stricts jurisdiction of federal courts with
respect to, 349
See also Division of powers; Duties; Elec-
tions, U.S.; Enumerated powers; Judi-
ciary, U.S.; Reserved powers; Senate,
U.S.; Separation of powers; Sovereignty;
ERATION: democratic excesses of, 18,
138, 197, 226, 241, 251; admission of
new states, 31; state legislatures should
retain right to elect members to a one-
house Congress, 53; settlement of ter-
ritorial disputes between, 99, 102n; dif-
ferences of rules for jury trials in, 120-
21, 121; many have no bills of rights,
128; large number of state legislators,
135; cede western lands to Congress,
230; clashing interests of, 232; prohibit
foreign slave trade, 242n; unreasonable
attachment to governments of, 395. See
also Articles of Confederation; Com-
merce; Congress under Articles of Con-
federation; Constitutional Convention;
Conventions, state; Economic conditions
under the Confederation; Political con-
ditions under the Confederation; Rati-
fication, procedure for; Ratification,
prospects for; Sovereignty
STAY LAws: in S.C., 374, 374n-75n
STILES, EZRA (Conn.; CC:Vol. 3, 58n-59n)
-diary of, 194
STORY, JOHN (N.J.): id., 277n; 275
STRONG, CALEB (Mass.; CC:Vol. 1, 357n)
- letter to: quoted, 379n
STUART, WILLIAM (N.Y.): id., 259n
- letter from, 258-60n
SUFFRAGE: proposed amendment concern-
ing, 42; all men with attachment to com-
munity should have, 315. See also Elec-
tions, U.S.
SULLIVAN, JOHN (N.H.; CC:Vol. 1, 516n),
194, 211; as president of N.H. Conven-
tion, 187, 195
- letter from: cited, 198n
-letter to, 211-12n
SUMTER, THOMAS (S.C.): id., 65n; 51, 56,
SUPREMACY CLAUSE: danger to states, 76.
See also Division of powers; Judiciary,
U.S.; Sovereignty

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