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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Index,   pp. 415-458 ff.

Page 434

opposition to Senate's power over, 73,
346; praise of judges being subject to,
94, 105-6; of judges in N.Y. constitu-
tion, 95, 96n; praise of limitation of
punishment for conviction on, 128; Sen-
ate to be only part of court of impeach-
ment, 346. See also Officeholders, U.S.
IMPLIED POWERS: doctrine of would be
supported by a bill of rights, 130-31;
Congress does not have, 347. See also
Enumerated powers; General welfare;
Reserved powers
IMPOST OF 1781, 31n
IMPOST OF 1783, 31n, 177, 227
INDIANS: fear of as excuse for standing
army, 5; defend their lands against
American settlers, 12; Spain incites, 12,
29, 228; Great Britain incites, 12, 29,
228, 334; danger to U.S. from, 12, 228;
threat to Ga., 12-13, 152, 153n, 372,
396; and problems with N.C., 70; de-
predations in S.C., 152; hostilities of
help Federalists, 334; in Northwest Ter-
ritory, 334-35, 335n; N.Y. Antifeder-
alists compared to, 399, 399n
INDICTMENT, BILL OF, 188, 348. See also
Due process of law
INSTALLMENT AcTs, 396. See also Paper
money; Stay laws; Tender acts
OF: proposed amendments concerning,
43, 202, 299, 316
accused of fomenting civil discord, 7;
predicted if Va. does not ratify, 14-15;
Constitution protects against, 138; ref-
erence to those who have incited revolts,
152; none threatening U.S., 160; militia
will prevent, 161; under Articles of Con-
federation, 232; Congress shall not de-
clare a state in rebellion without two-
thirds vote, 318, 347. See also Civil war;
Shays's Rebellion; Violence
INTEREST GROUPS: defense of wealthy, well
born, and great, 139. See also Agricul-
ture; Artisans; Bankruptcy; Capitalists;
Clergy; Conscientious objectors; Credi-
tors; Debts, private; Factions; Farmers;
Fisheries; Fur trade; Germans; Human
nature; Jews; Landed interest; Lawyers;
Loyalists; Manufactures; Mechanics;
Merchants; Monied men; Moslems; Of-
ficeholders, state; Officeholders, U.S.;
Officeholding; Ohio Company; Party
spirit; Physicians; Political parties; Pres-
byterians; Printers and booksellers;
Property, private; Public creditors; Pub-
lic defaulters; Roman Catholics; Sailors;
Scotch-Irish; Self-interest; Shipbuilding;
Soldiers; Temperance; Tradesmen; Vir-
tue; Widows and orphans; Women
Constitution, 161; in Mass., 196
over N.Y.'s commercial policies, 29,
175; and federal judiciary, 97, 98-99;
will improve under Constitution, 163,
386, 392-93; proposed amendment
prohibiting interstate duties or fees,
348. See also North vs. South; Wyoming
Valley, Pa.
INVASION, FOREIGN: fear of as excuse for
standing army, 5; danger of must be ad-
dressed by military preparedness, 160;
none threatening U.S., 160; Constitu-
tion protects against, 164, 164-65; ob-
ject of government is protection from,
180. See also American Revolution; For-
eign affairs; War
IREDELL, JAMES (N.C.; CC:Vol. 3, 364n-
65n), 85, 312, 313
JACKSON, JONATHAN (Mass.): id., 327; 330;
as "A Native of Boston," 326-31
-letters from: quoted, 327, 328
- letter to: quoted, 329
JAMIESON, NEIL (Great Britain; CC:Vol. 4,
-letter to, 360-61
JAY, JOHN (N.Y.; CC:Vol. 1, 385n), 147,
148n, 176; as author of The Federalist,
15, 85, 86, 322, 357n; as Secretary for
Foreign Affairs, 146n, 192, 193n; in
N.Y. Convention, 287, 293, 295, 296; as
possible first Vice President of U.S., 325
JEFFERSON, THOMAS (Va.; CC:Vol. 1, 81n),
23, 24n, 174
-sent copies of: The Federalist, 15, 85,
322; "Federal Farmer," 15n; Monroe's
pamphlet, 73; Mason's objections to
Constitution, 79; Constitution, 270
-letters from, 81-82, 272, 325-26n; used
by Antifederalists in Va., Md., and N.C.
conventions, 81, 286-87, 288n; quoted,
15n, 82n, 85-86, 288n; cited, 82n
-letters to, 14-15, 79-80, 270-71, 286-
88n, 321-22, 326, 336-37n; quoted,

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