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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Appendix I,   pp. 368-406

Page 377

acters in the State, I hope will have considerable weight with those
States that have yet to take up this grand question; and impress them
with the idea that is generally expressed here-that considering the
weight of influence and talents of the gentlemen of the majority, it
may be said to have been with propriety, the general voice of the
people of this State.
"General Gadsden, a gentleman upwards of seventy, on the question
being carried, rose and said, 'Mr. President, my age is such that I can
have but little expectation of seeing the happy effects that will result
to my country from the wise decisions of this day-but shall I say with
good old Simeon, Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace,
for mine eyes have seen the salvation of my country.'2
"A grand procession took place this day, and I was happy to find
a number of the minority walked.-I enclose you the list."
1. Reprints in whole or in part by 30 June (8): R.I. (1), Conn. (4), N.J. (1), Pa. (1),
S.C. (1).
2. Luke 2:29-30.
Boston Gazette, 9 June'
Extract of a letter dated Charleston, (S. C.) May 23d,
to a Gentleman in town, brought by Capt. Smith.2
"This conveyance gives me an opportunity just to congratulate you
upon the adoption of the Federal Constitution by the Convention of
this State.-The Majority SEVENTY-SIX.-This measure will be fol-
lowed by similar conduct in the State of Virginia and North-Carolina."
1. This item was reprinted in toto in the New Hampshire Spy, 10 June; Massachusetts
Gazette, 10 June; Massachusetts Spy, 12 June; Newport Herald, 12 June; and Exeter, N.H.,
Freeman's Oracle, 13 June; it was excerpted in the Salem Mercury, 17 June. The Massa-
chusetts Gazette appended: "In consequence of the foregoing agreeable intelligence, the
bells of the different churches in this town began ringing at the dawn of yesterday, and
continued to sound the joyful peal for several succeeding hours."
2. Phinehas Smith, captain of the Schooner Joseph, had arrived in Boston on 8 June
in 13 days from Charleston (Boston Gazette, 9 June).
Massachusetts Gazette, 10 June'
Extract of a letter from a gentleman in Virginia,
to his friend in this town [Boston].
"I received your obliging letter, and a volume of the debates of your
Convention, of both which testimonies of your regard I have the justest
sense, and return you, dear sir, my sincere acknowledgments. (The
Federal Constitution will be adopted by us.) I wish the Federal Con-
vention had provided that none but wise and understanding men

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