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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Commentaries on the Constitution: public and private,   pp. [1]-367

Page 363

9-11 SEPTEMBER, CC:844
voluminous for the Bounds of a Letter will probably suggest themselves
to you....
1. RC, Coxe Papers, Series II, Correspondence and General Papers, PHi.
844. Jeremiah Hill to George Thatcher
Biddeford, Maine, 9-11 September (excerpt)'
Have just arrived from Boston kiss'd Ma'm and set down to peruse
yours of the 26th Ulto. Am mad, that is, politically disordered in mind,
to find the Congress so obstinate, as to keep that Government the
People their Constituents have adopted out of Motion-they ought to
shew their Exordium's on less momentious Occasions, not when their
best Friends have their Eyes Lifted to Heaven, their hearts sending
forth ejaculations, and heaving with every Shoulder while their Peti-
tions are ascending for their spiritted exertions, when the wheels of
Government are as it were stuck in the mud-
The friends of the new Government are alarmed to find Congress
so dilatory, they say one party (that is, the smallest) ought upon every
political Principle to give way to the great Object in view, the good
of the whole: for while they are dallying along in this way the Enemy
is sowing tares among the Wheat-Antifederalism is a common enemy
we ought all to guard against and Obstinacy is a ditto, but true genuine
political qualities are an open Mind, a clear head, and an honest
Heart-this minute (Septr 10th 10. O:C.) the post has arrived and
brought me yours of the 2d inst. went immediately to see Miss Thatcher
delivered your enclosed Letter, kiss'd Madam & return'd, by the by
all well, Janey Laugh'd, Sally smiled, Rachel seemed pleased & Saml.
wanted me to praise his little wheel Carriage &c-am now at Home,
my harps upon the willows, lamenting the imprisonment of the new
Constitution. You Inquire after the politicks of the Times &c-I tell
you, my friend, the Politicians in general blame the Carpenters for
not launching the Hull of the new Ship-and say it will be time enough
then to procure Helmsmen, Navigators &c. However I will give you
an extract from the Teltale, "Yesterday set out from his Seat in B-n
B-n H-n, Esqr. Solicitor extraordinary from his E-y J- H- Esqr.
to the S- S-s2 to negotiate for a Lieutenancy on board the new Ship
federal Constitution now on the Stocks, it is said the Commission is a
Secret and all things must be conducted under the Rose"3-
The news papers will tell you much more about electione [e] ring than
time will permit me to tell in the Letter way. all hands seem to give
the Presidency to Genl. Washington the Second is a matter of doubt
here, I wish you to tell me who they have in view at the Southward.

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