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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Commentaries on the Constitution: public and private,   pp. [1]-367

Page 4

Eight States have now determined relative to the Constitution pro-
posed-I can give you no certain information respecting the, other
five-our accounts respecting the Sentiments of the men elected for
the State Conventions are various-but, on the whole, I am inclined
to believe they will adopt with recommending amendments as in
Massa.-in this State Virga. & N.C. the numbers for and agt. are pretty
equal, as well as abilities-Your friend Mr. Lee I understand, declined
going to the State Convention, principally, on account of the unhealth-
iness of the place where the Convention is to meet3-
I mentioned to you in my last the application of Kentucky for an
admission into the union-I am just informed a gentleman has arrived
in this place from Vermont, to make enquiries, &c respecting her
admission into the union I understand the State has appointed a Com-
mittee and given them power to apply to Congress whenever they shall
see a fair opportunity for again bringing under consideration the in-
dependance and admission of that State into the union4-I have been
wishing for sometime that this Subject might again be brought into
view-for I am well persuaded if these States do no[t] unite in their
infancy, and cement the union, they will not do it hereafter-
1. RC, Adams Papers, NN.
2. Possibly a reference to the pamphlet by "A Plebeian," a New York Antifederalist.
This pamphlet, which contained a "Postscript" of four pages attacking Federalist pam-
phleteer "A Citizen of New-York" (CC:683), was first offered for sale in New York City
on 17 April (CC:689). The pamphlet enclosed might also have been "Federal Farmer's"
Additional Letters, 2 May (CC:723), which the Antifederalist New York Federal Republican
Committee began to send to other states, beginning in mid-May (CC:750).
3. For Richard Henry Lee's fear of the unhealthiness of the town of Richmond, see
his 27 June letter to John Lamb (CC:750-O); and RCS:Va., 621, note 10.
4. In October 1787 the Vermont General Assembly appointed Ira Allen, Isaac Tich-
enor, and Noah Smith to be "Agents to negotiate the public business of this state to
Congress." Between October 1787 and its last meeting in early 1789, Congress does
not appear to have taken any action on Vermont statehood.
739. The Federalist's Political Creed
Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 10 May'
Mr. PRINTER, Though religious creeds have long since been deemed
quite useless, or rather indeed extremely prejudicial to the interests
of virtue and true piety; yet I must at the same time be of opinion,
that political creeds are of a very different nature, and that no govern-
ment, and least of all an arbitrary one, can be supported without some
such summary of its credenda, or articles of faith. Our late C-n,
sensible of the truth of this maxim, have taken care to draw up a very

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