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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Moore, Timothy D. (Historian); Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Fields, David P. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Maryland (1)
11 (2015)

II. The Maryland General Assembly calls a state convention, 23 November-1 December 1787,   pp. 68-100

Page 78

1. Votes and Proceedings of the House of Delegates, 13, 14. On 30 November the Baltimore
Maryland Gazette printed the text in angle brackets. The Baltimore Maryland Gazette ver-
sion was reprinted in whole or in part in the Maryland Chronicle, 5 December; Pennsylvania
Packet, 7 December; New YorkJournal, 17 December; and Charleston City Gazette, 12January
Senate Proceedings, Tuesday, 27 November 1787 (excerpt)'
. .. Mr. Thomas Johnson, from  the house of delegates, delivers to
the president the following resolutions:
RESOLVED, nemine contradicente, That it be recommended to the peo-
ple of this state, to submit the proceedings of the federal convention,
transmitted to the general assembly through the medium of congress,
to a convention of the people, for their full and free investigation and
RESOLVED, That it be recommended to such of the inhabitants of this
state as are entitled to vote for delegates in the general assembly, to meet
in their respective counties, the city of Annapolis and Baltimore-town,
on the first Monday in April next, at the several places fixed by law for
holding the annual elections, to choose four persons for each county,
two for the city of Annapolis, and two for Baltimore-town, to serve in
the state convention, for the purpose of taking under consideration the
proposed plan of government for the United States, and that the said
elections be conducted agreeably to the mode and conformably with
the rules and regulations prescribed for electing members to serve in
the house of delegates.
RESOLVED, That the delegates to be elected to serve in the state con-
vention, shall, at the time of election, be citizens of the state, and ac-
tually residing therein for three years next preceding the election, res-
idents of the county where they shall be elected twelve months next
preceding the election, and be of twenty-one years of age.
RESOLVED, That the sheriffs in the respective counties, the mayor,
recorder and aldermen, or any three of them, in the city of Annapolis,
the commissioners of Baltimore-town, or any three of them, shall and
they are hereby, required to give immediate notice by advertisements
to the people of the counties, city of Annapolis and Baltimore-town, of
the time, place and purpose, of the elections as aforesaid.
RESOLVED, That the persons so elected to serve in the said conven-
tion, do assemble on Monday the twenty-first day of April next at the
city of Annapolis, and may adjourn from day to day, as occasion may
require, and that the same delegates so assembled, do then and there
take into consideration the aforesaid constitution, and if approved of

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