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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Moore, Timothy D. (Historian); Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Fields, David P. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Maryland (1)
11 (2015)

II. The Maryland General Assembly calls a state convention, 23 November-1 December 1787,   pp. 68-100

Page 73

RESOLVED, That it be recommended to the people of this state, to
submit the constitution proposed by the late federal convention to a
convention of delegates, for their assent and ratification.
RESOLVED, That it be recommended to each county, city and town,
in this state, to elect the same number of delegates to serve in conven-
tion, that they are represented by in the most numerous branch of the
RESOLVED, That the qualifications of delegates to the convention,
and their electors, as to age, residence and property, be respectively
the same with those required by the law and constitution of this state
for members of the house of delegates, and their electors.
RESOLVED, That the election of the delegates be holden the third
Wednesday ofJanuary next, at the several places fixed by law for holding
the elections for delegates in the general assembly, and that it be con-
ducted by the same officers, in the same manner, and in the same time.
RESOLVED, That the sheriffs, and other returning officers in the dif-
ferent counties, give public notice by advertisement fifteen days before
the election, of the time and purposes for which the election is to be
RESOLVED, That the delegates so chosen meet at the city of Annapolis
on the first Monday in March next, and if they assent to and ratify the
proposed constitution, that they give notice thereof to the United States
in Congress assembled.
By order,               J. DORSEY, clk.....
1. Votes and Proceedings of the Senate, 5.
House of Delegates Proceedings, Monday, 26 November 1787
. . . On motion, the question was put, That the house take under
their immediate consideration the order of the day? The yeas and nays
being called for by Mr. F. Bowie, appeared as follow:
Abell,                  B. Worthington,        Cockey,
Thomas,                Taney,                  Sherwood,
4 Key,                     Grahame,               Tilghman,
.V  R. Miller,             Dent,                  Gale,
C  Nicholls,               Parnham,               Stewart,
2   Read,                  McPherson,             Shaw,
Harwood,               Chapman,                Pattison,
N. Worthington,        Gough,                  Bond,

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