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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 408

%   jr 1
fource of difaffeaion, has citablifhed a tyranny it
his native hate, and perverted the conflitution and
laws to the moft unjuftiflable purpofes ; and of whom
it has bccn predided* with great fagacity long ago,
that if ever he got his foot on the threLold, he
would make his way into the cabinet of any go-
As a means of encouragementand gratification to
the fories, and difaffeded partizans of DIONYSIUS;
and to deprefs, if poffible, all fpirit of refflfance in
the whigs; the proceedings or minutes of the legif,
lature are made a mere reord of (candal againfit the
whigs. If the honef i eal of a whig of any note, led
him into any intemperance or indicretion, it was
regifgered'fcourfe, efpecially if any difpute happen-
ed abou: .he eleaion. But the profef fed difaffcaion,
the riots and blafphemy of the tories, fo notorious
and common it the eleaious of Suffex, efpecially,
have always been pudled over iri filence, and hid as
much a- poffble from the world.
Not only tie minutes of the legiflature, but the
laws of the (Rate are proflituted, as mere engines of
fadion. In legiflation, DIONYSIUS is the cham-
pion of public faith and credit, in thofe matters
wherein the tories are interefted j but for rewarding
the officers and foldiers, he exhibits a plan of depre-
ciation, and fcaling away the public debts. Laws
and refolutions arc paffed for paying himfelf and
ot hers fuhcrvient to his views, all they afk and with-
out delay; and in the aid of thc(unds, neccfTary to
accomplifh this purpofe, there is no hefitation, by
an exjpuffa&o law, to feize uporn a fund folemnly
. *SBan Adami:
1 4pwpnated to the difcharge of the in:erea doe d*si
bn depreciation certica; and to declare that it b
cujayfand areaable, that this intereft thould be
paid, untll the principal and intereft of all other debts
$ difcharged. According to the nature of
the cafe, bold attempts are made, or the miore cauti.
ous method offap and endermining purfued, for
deffroying the reputut-on and property of the molk
upright and faitul   -idals. DI0%SYIUSand
his faftion, inke     a to do all things accordigff
to law. Acco-,       :1W, they raifed an army for
the proteGion of    freedom of eleion, for the
refugees and black-campcrs. By-a law, they have
again changied the place of eleilion, to the fwamps
of Suffex, and in the midst of the black-campers.
By ex sol aolo laws, they confiantly break the
public faith and contraas with individuals, for de-
frauding the revolutionifts. In (iort, the mot in-
famous tranfaaions are thus fandtioned by law.
But no department in the government of Dela-
team is more perfealy enflavcd to )IONYSIUS,
than the exCcutive. As thisderives its appointment
and fubfiffence from the legiflative, the prevalence af
the DIONYSIAN faaion, for feveral years paft, in
the legiflature, hw' moulded the executive to their
own liking. The time has &en, when there was
ai left (o much -'cora= in our executied; :hat
DIONYSIUS found it necffTry to write long and
voluminous epifl1s, r com;pdAf his defigna with
that body. But ha =   cw Care himle!f the trou-
ble. Cur executive gltoy in being the tools of s
pay. Ther Lonors erd rewards are bellowed pro-
fefedly in fubfeiviency to their party. Thus the
brave Col. Hall, acknow!:d*C*d to be ihe beft quali-
SErdfrthetary n the government, was told by a
N                    -   -

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