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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 407

ams or &oxst?  No, to the honor of the chrifta.
religion, bold ofenders in this way, are only to be
r      found among the openly profane and vicious, pr*
faeWd infidels, or the grofaly ignorant. We forbear
to comment on thofe weak men, ani that cifror.
tunate people, who may be duped by fuch politi,
As the leaders of duiffeaion loft their influnce
by the peace, new and increafed efforts were requip
red, for three years pall, to eflablhl DIONYSiUS
and his fadtion, in their tyranny. They began
with reducing the braveand genuine wbIgs of 5uf-
fex. Forthis purpofe, befides the feal uproar againt
presbyterians, the black-campers, refugees avid non-
jurors of every defcription, vere hunted up, and as
manyas could be prevailed on, were qualified for
voting, and gave the tories of that county, a decded
In Kent they relied on an increaed affiduwty
and inveighing more bitterly than evtr, againft
fre/lyteeiair. The pref3iserian ticket wau the fami-
Bar butt of opportion, though but two men out of
eight, were fuppofed to be of that perfuaflon, and
their religious conntftion n.t %yell -ictained. As
mancutring is of great confrquerice in this coLunty,
prob;bly their an in this branch of policy, contri-
buted not a little to the iluccefs of the faainn.
But in New-Caflle they had a very diferent cared
to play.  Here the prefbyterians ire to be patred
afeep, and even a preibyterian agent of qTuodass
rani and autorily, was engaged, by the hope of rso
ward, to memorialize and preach incantly to The
people on the fubjen Gf the public debt. As in
Kent and Suffex all denominasgce    were fum-
mouci to lcague againft a few preidyt-rians; (o in
New.ChAfle, all other citizens were invited to bar,
&he plo.dcr of the public creditors. Great advan
tages were pronifed the public, from a fcale of de
preciation for cerificates; and the etcors werv
k~arancgucd to be guarded in their choice, againft tdu
holders of public fecurities. The fuccefs of this e.
Iadia  thould be a ling to the people of New.
Caft!e, as lafling as it is poignant and mortifying. In.
Sead of a cale of depreciation and the mighty beac-
Its promiled, they now bchold an expensivejobJ
cut out for DIONYSIUS; and the fund appropria
ted to the payment of interefi to the army credi-
tor4, frized upon to make the more prompt add
ready paymeat to the TY RANT and his qsoadais
This being accomitlihed, we hear no further talk
of public debts; and we are led to imagine, that the
government is totally unconcerned ibout thofe that
rWan untarisfied. We are alfo left to conjeure,
whether fonething more than a little. emolument,
did not fpur on DIONYSIUS and his partizans, in
the extraordinary exertions of laft year. Quere:
Might not the ambition of our TYRANr'bave been
firid with the dcign of flling up the new  federal
government to bi- liing ? And quere, whether in
organizing the new governnt, D)a:,.ware and all
America thnuld nc* be firialy gurded .againft filch
a man as DIONYSIUTS ? A mn by whofe influ-
ence ever attempt to open i land-oflice, has been
fruftratd; who on all oce.ations has maintained the
propr.etary claim upon this thzte vuntucbrd; and
who, by every d'.ierning man, ih confrdtered as re-
tained to this day, by the pnprietaries, in oppofition
to the people of uhe ilae  who, as the head and
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