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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 400

*0    ~
lone.   dt *  recedio   feion, that the teward
might be aiq4vfided, Df  $111S7 made profoas,
for doing this bufinefd alone. 'he houfe of 4milyV
complaifaitlv agreed tobiv propofals; but the coun-
Scil rejr led tem as extravAgamn. The fiine prep-o.
fals were _now ren*ed, and  both1 houfs afted to
thmWair hout hefication.  According to th  agree-
Mert, owther pdfor was &   bired* by fIe 'a1il
to collea aniiatoride hid. irittsall tHe laws; ar.$
DONTSIUS was t. . paid for reiOng,'( upth.
;oding the pfinfitg v;  between thro6 !  :.jr
hundred pounds while the o'    was 1       stag
as mnuch more as the general' Aembly thoiid ThirI
right and rcafonable, When he bidanch (ho  be
compleased: rnouriting in the *hole, at a  ode ad  -
conputatin, expence of pbolt 6ool.  fts
was agree3:,c! although it wais notorious ie
chief juftice, a man better gualified, boaj re flite
and talents, wdild have undertaken the w le  .
vice for 150l, DIONYSfJS, owerer, roo k cue
before the end of the year to have 6r&tt dtatit
upon the loan-officer of New-Gaft  coisty, &Or a
principal paz* ct what was flipulated tb.)  paid,
previous to the delivery of the work: h4 lii owri
example in legiflation, (hould induce a ftiure'egifa.
tlre, to undo, what this ofCuious affewdy had
done for him.
The next projeft which ripened i-nto view , wa3
moft dLbolical. This was materially to injure in
his pr perty and rcputation,- one of the noft diflin-
guilhed citizens of Delaware, a man equally exem-
:plary for an amiable dipofition and engaging man-
ners, as for his dilintereftled patriotifm; and who
toold not have given juft offence, nor difobliged
81    )
DIONYSIUS otherwife, than by the envy excited
at h;3 .dehred reputaticn, and great popularity in
NCWV    1 c cOunry.'
To'14 'icrea   *aa  i this trandsaon, it *ml
b; 10  illirye 2o gi3 hth I yer ot tw oi41t whe
wcphj charh@ .      prefident f the flte.  It is
alfo propct 'o te cbfieavd, that he as eteaed prefi-
deni, i 6p0otition to a creatare fee.t-p by DIONY-
M8U1; and twas fo- aniverrfl!7 eiablitfied in the
c m 46at ffetions of the pecp!e, that ail open
and kid Tttack, lit that upon the lean-officer,
would liave been vaio and hazardous: a proceeding
by iph, thethfore, became necclry.
Wben ile comniioners for ituing depreciation
certificates, were about to cloe thc bulineis of their
appointment, by a report to the legillararc, con-
cerning the certiticates due for fervices done by per-
fons who died in the army, and left no heirs or
legal reprcfentatives; a converfAtion armfe upron the
rdbjett, among the members of the legifar;r coun-
cil, convened in the council chambe;, DION 'k-
SIUS fuddenly declared, that all certificatcs if the
above defcription, belonged to the prlident; he
produced the body of the laws, read the I w,. and
thus confirmed the jJgment he had given. The
eouricillors prefent grnerally c:zpreffed 1heir atis-
famoirn, that a man woi. had deCfervCd it fo well,
thould receiv an acc'idcntal reward of this fort, as
fame cornpcnfation for the facrifice3 he had made.
The opinion becarne generally known, and was not
controvcrted.  The chief jufltice was one of the
auditors, and from  a perfuafion of the truth --nd

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