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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 397

&)"    In.Sulre, they were to eled repreentatives, as at
tL      as delegates to the flate convention. The tory tan-
didates had gonehome from the )aft meeting of the
legiolture minutely inftruekcd as to a plan, by wiis
they might defend the freedom of eledlion for. theMr
refugees and black campers.  Ihe conflirution bf
the Rate requires, that no military force thall be
within a mile of the place of eledies. They- were
therefore infirufted tb raife what force they plcafed,
only to keep it a mile off r ferve in cafe of exi-
* gency. Secure in the favour and protedian of the
legidature, the tories made largo provifion of arms
and' ammunition; marked out acamp, at a proper
diflance,. before hand; and on the day of eleLion,
marchid in companies, with drums and fifes, to the
a appointed 6eld. ofcncampment. From this place of
arms, where . guird oi feveral hundred men flood
conflantly paraded, they marched in companvi. to
the place of eleation, and carried their whole ticker
of reprefentatives and convention-men, with'out o
poition. For certain leacing charaders -mong tie
whigs, employed all their affiduity and addrfs, to
prevent the whigs from going to the eleaior,. They
forefaw that blood-lhed would be the inevitable coo-
feiquence of a. meeting of the parties in arms,; and
they could not imagine any poffible event of the
cledion to be equivalent t6 f[ch a misfortune. With
much difficulty the whigs were relrained and en-
couraged to hope for a conflitutional redrefs of their
At a meeting of the flate conver.ton, the whigs
of Suffle fignified by a memorial, what had hap.
pened, without expreffing any defire to incommoue
that body, in ratifying the federal conflitution, but
(    75    I
nrely as preparatory to their intended remonftrance
againift the eledice of reprefentativcs, at the nest
meeting of the legflature. The convention agre'd,
that they had no powers to fend for witneffes* for a
formal .enquiry into the legality of the Suffex clet-
ton; and that, if they had, it would only be waing
time, as all were agrecd in ratifying the federal con-
flitution ; and it couid be an chjca with nobody to
fet the elemion afide. The .embers returned from
Suffex, were therefore permitted to anfwer for their
county, and the new conflitution was ratified by an
unanimous vote.
At a meeting of t~h legiflature, in Januaty, peti-
ticns were received from 504 inhabitants of Suffex,
praying to be heard by council, as to a variety of
faMa ftatcd in their petitions, fhewing -he late elec-
tion for reprefentatives to be illegal. DIO\YSIUs
being abfent, at the firil meeting of the houle of af-
fembly, the petitioners were pcrmitted to be heard
by council. This brought on the open enquiry the
whigs withed for. Many witneffes were furnwoned
on both ides.
It was proved and admitted on aH hands, that with
the cognizance and concurrence of the members
cleded, companies of armed men with drums and
fifes, moved on from all quarters of the county, and
joined in full force at an old iield, about a mile fiom
the place of cleion; that they t'here formed in milli-
tary array, under fuperior and inferior officers; that
their commander in chief was a rcrnber of Congreff,
and their fecond in command a re/hgre; that thcir
oflenlible purpofe was to prote& the privileges of
elellion; and their chicf converfation confified of
curfing Prerbylerian-s and!rTh-nien; thatfuudry of

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