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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 396

they are produalve, and the holders of certificat*O
can have no p.oflC of payment, until furthef
provition is made.
We may here renarkon the infidiowz policy of
this tranfaaion. The affe&ation of difcriminatWie
is put upon the face of the minutes, as the moft e.
foual means offurther depreciation.  A merito-
rious clafs of public creditors is held up in an invi.
dious point of view, and all others arc invited to lend
their aid in robbing them, that they may be foon..
er paid. The faith of the fiate is with a numerous
ano refpeCable clafs cf citizens forfeited, by a re-
troipeaive law, for feizing on their legal fund,
with a fpecial eye to the fpeedy payment, of the dif.
puted demands of a/lavjib individual. Could any
thing more tyrannical or wih lefs regard to decorum
be, evifed ? Yes, tranraions fhall now be related,
that have lefs regard to decorum, and are in their
nature f111 more tyrannical.
In the recels of the legilature, the tories went
immediately to canvaffing, tor the eletion of con-
vention men. As if by concert, they fpread rumours
throughout the ftate, the that whigs would be averfi
from the new federal conftitution; and they every
where fet themfelvcs up, as t'le patrons of it. They
afterted in the mo.a falf: and fcandalous manner,
without the leaft foundation, that certain refpeaable
charaders, is each county, were oppofed to the
conflitution.  As nobody in the ftate oppofed its
dflabflthment, their lying and flandering and affec.
ted eagercfs, in defencr of the new cooflitution,
could only be accounted for, from a defire of gain.
ing popu!arity, and feizing upcn the powers of the
arw Sovernment. The whigs rejoiced at the prof.
ped ld any govrent, that wbuld probably a
lee Aidai f:1Mn thM lantqn tyranny of  IoNE
SIUS. "Thcfe inote alequte to the AfA foon de-,
Terln4, f l;   t the* n eronition was frmed on
Subfha 104zacip0; thai its powver Vyerfno zDs
tha  qtiate to Q d govrumen t 'thAt the  d
werAfee u    h .an. had full po Wers to.xhaznt.7n
th;t idrty, fo o  a they were virtgot  There
w    .sthis odds indeed betwecu the wbipg and tories,
tbj& (he atter approved by adthorlty, the former
fresh ref!ejdpn and jCgne1t. We wera 1d tosh
ditfcovery by obfieing, that a atimboi of tie score
in~iasT       I s Itpncy! of DIONY91S lated,
-that h  oVernment had not beei more mefdrcbicat.
I'wis led sto an oqrirv into the TTYJAN.Wseown1
1eatiment  We foon found that Mfis w   was to
had in the furdhine of monrarrby.; that As' fchcme
fifrovqment Trfich he had advocated in the con.
hiftionp tess a mcnarch ch,,1-n f1r lite, featrs alfo
evofiw for life, pnd an entirroolition of fair govern-
mfesOr. Neverthelet;, his followers make a merc
hobbyahorfe of the federAl conftitution; and let the
gov1-rnment be what it may, they hope to ride in
.bhief authority.
The people of New-Cale, probably from a more
firly difcovery of the TYRANT's fentiments arl.1
views, hofe moft of their delegates, refpeahb!r'
wbigs. In Kent, t'i whigs not caring by v.hom
the government was ratified, made no oppofitLon,
anC !he .tories carried their el&'fioen in great triumph.
Stre noted tories declared' thzy had been hindmcft
in a former revolution, but they were determined to
be foreaofl in this. The fanc fyirit fecined to per-
iade the whole.
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