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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 389

The anUi? P 1ancgra de.   eafr:ra cf L   .
M NYSJS1 thi ye, nifpcedhis sbic= the bet.
tcr to fecure hs L-3jorifyd  next. Having fEard
a =s ry of- panaians in Sffe, an arrangmrent
was now razde fat, ent. The qulin of izA
dance being non fettled, ad the diffindian cf wT-g
.and tery very much obitetated in this county, the
DIONYSIAN.Stbercfarefrcialved to rely on thecubi.
varion of religious prejudices:s the main sucher of
hope, ftr the enting election. The Preibyterians
make but a (nall part of the people of this county.
There are how ever, fame very refpe1ab)e citizens
of this denomination ; - and with very few ezc-pti
one, they have en uniform and fiedfaft ievoluti.
onifts. A new and extraordinary cry was thcrtfore
raifed agninfl I rt 0 tcrizrs. No zran ofthat de-
nomination wvas iuffered to enter the DIONYSIAN
ticket of candidates. And although but two men
out of the eight whig candidatrs, had anv connec.
tion with Prefbyterians,. and thoie two of th mnoft
liberal charatOcs, yet this was gravely and ferioufly
denominated the Presbsterian ticket. All other da.
nominations were exhorted to beware of Prerbjte-
rian. As if by concert, men were employed ac-
cording to the nature of their talcnts in this dirty
work. Some who had. lo much knowledge, and
fuch a fenfe of decorum, as to make th'em atiamed
of openly declaiming on this fubjea, would neverthe.
lefs whifper in fecret, and counfel their weaker bre-
thren, tobe guardcd ag-ainit the violence efPsby1:teri-
as. Ignorant pimps and bullics wculd rcar out in the
fireets againft Presbyterians and Calvier:; or in
publc compaiesafk thcfe, whofe political (entiments
might not accord wvith their own, L they did nct
(       9S     )
&:      Achisp 7 or tell COiZers fignizantly they
w-r    red    erb bie. If ny empb-xtdcn was
required, they woL:J : '  ;e d, if they had nct joined
the Prz:37:rian party ? Thefc brvadoce were sot
piJcedIrm th0 lctret of the people, as a
to the Pre'h0cf P lzware might imagine: for how.-
ever fu prling to tell, it is not the Lefs true, tha
lw prjuices of this fort, are with us the fin .11 re-
cc:endations to oficc. On of the judges of this
county,. on the 6y of the cleaion, Sourifing hi
Taking tich denominated it Jobn Weerv's fASA
with vhich he intended to breah Jae Calvin's head;
thus infvhing two denominations at once; one as
the objea of his malice, the other as the in~'trouent
cF his pDwer. And to heighten the piture of this
Zeander of the true faith in religion as well as poli-
tics, he openly prdfeffes as little regard for the Scrip-
tures df the Old and new Tellarnents, as for the Al-
coran of Mahomet.
The whigs relying on the good fenfe of the pec-
ple of Kent, and too fecure from the fuccefs of the
preceding eletion, were not fufficiently guarded
againft the machinations of their opponents. The
DIONYSIANS therefore carried their reprefentc-
tives. The fame majority prevailed in Suflfx as did
the laft year; and New-Caflie as ufual divit'ed. By
accident, however, the member of council returned
for New-Caftle was a man of abilities and integrity;
and although pce-effed of extreme modefly, contri.
buted by his example and authority, to guard the
difinterefted members agaiufl the feducing influence
of DIONYSIUS. Thus the femions opened with a
majority of the houfe of affiTmbly at thc devotion of
the tyrant; the only chzck to hi; abfohitc control

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