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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 382

44 )
the governzmentL  Occasoniy  LGk cauids were
~*t  yoU hed for a* c.c   Tetv werc futihLd
with formral ceTif:--  of theltf aiiclnz.
e  njoi,' *C, attend th  k4o.
Wi1th theft .Luxihlarit- the on oul-iyuailered
tse whis, and carried ihcir Idian  ihere .var.
d "d a        vflpkivnf   frud ito , u .s th 4t cjU1
not bC provCd, tLC *whigy fu'nmtCd to, the cvCert.
Thc conu't of the r-ics on this ocion, to-
ward5 lie lcriff of the codory, iluttrat's the ipiri;
:.. which ihcy .i6tcd. This officer ws a r
, wTho, i% qul!iry of _ caprain In the Detawar
re;iuent, WAS .::unn  the gAllant dcfendcr of Mud-
Iftiad  Hy the burfng of a thell near his hcad, he
xv~s deprived of his hearug, anid coipcled to quit
the icrvice. %)i the retari 4  health .nd rcaora-
t.ion of h.& hring, in fornc d*rce, the vhigs, in
grr.lude for his gallantry and !u'Lfrings in the caule
of inelependen y, eected him ther iff f the
but the tonic., with nlcting hearts, or rather with
prejudiced reCer~tMent, Qt the glory whkLh Lhonc
around this brave man, er!,dvoi theiir rfugeesa'nd
b!ack-campcr; to dcprisc hir- of his (fEcC, a  car
before the cxpirationi of the time, w!dch the law
permitted him to hold it. This was 0one without
the thil-low of complaint 3q ir1 him as an oiflccr.
andu i; .s unprcccdcentcd :s it is dificefu! to the
The ce.flmons of the t mr upper cuunties tlis ycar,
luccecded vll enough, exccpt that DIONYMIUS
was rcturacd a member rf the leillativc Council , by
the county of Ncw-Cadlc. His K uliar efforts wcrc
therefore confined to the tranftdians of ccuncil.
But his influence and tyrannic cxertire  wrce not
the lefs centpicuous.
r .   .!Is       ,    ( i e
Thet pr.u:   i h - --,0Atl 0Us-' of steity  1hiein
that the lub.&C r  c'e. the Gate t6re general y
emp~oed by' the LI(N\YSIAN    1sfiin am rect
rid ccurc.  f or Cct.l: a;*  1  -bt r1  b  that  itd cp Idclit
aea wr crowd.d outhr.cver it w.
in,' the 2!aind\tedar: gicco, t!:t 1-er.c tcodJ
IL Ialjo y  ct  t;vir..cb c.  cffac, but f.c h  9A . ai
ican x! ocw' the ne*L, 1:ad take on them the drud-
g ry of f[Wux., pald . '.114 through fthe kcr Lou!<
for tasi.X t.c !-r:┬▒take c..ce.. They holad thus
rn have c.-c. J    kc d forntpt.on, and im-
proved ilhe th::.sut o att ftate.  Un--t DCONY11L'US
op1kJ(Cd rt.s law  ithl all hs power I &.ad dreau
ally obfirusted i:s trarit through the cou.L
'I1e meMberIL  Of Louncd Laf cicard for i Knt
c;unty, boldly  I-atcd t'hc ex uvon lucrative
offices.  iis man 1  covr I  . /'T !Ji?, 'Ahomt
DIONYSIUS h..d pobLAbly lon.g txfo-c r.'lAcd ,-s
re: to hib purpefe. Hii noct proie.'.4 thrrdkr- wa4
to wreak his v r.geance ufon la tn,. .,,?i he  e-
spaired of corruptin: cr 1.. k      Sut.Jry c r-
cumflancce  i t:n   %..;:.:r -r.d plan of h15 att"L,
.i the IA. mceting t' it c legiflature in thi5 y)r,
!ervc to exvincr, that he 1: A remeditated the dcl:.;n,
and cric Treparcd to 'Il:tue and diKFlr:ce this ini-
4Convenicut1 incriber 10v a e ..- .c .:it.
TI'he tax-h;l for r..*1  [:  ea, for the ycar ' f
i7'6, had 'er:, feet i.p o ouncil at a prccedii:g
i dr.c, and dtaicd 1,v DIONYSIUS to plod upcon,
during the rccefs ofthe lgif!att:re. mediativ Up-
r:on the imeetin  , f the ge7eral aff-r:., in
I-Sb. Lhe colleclor of Ne'w-C-aflic C(InTty C3TIC1
Dover, and on khall is numhcr of ta-iab!rs < that
county, dcmanded 'fz!ic I 'a.-otTc(r khe (ZrnL'.icus
..t                 me"n:!!rr

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