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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 380

c.9  -
40 )
9mang thon appointe, put in his qxandMa Geom
The exmple thus (ct for turning out and putting
in, by dint of majority, afforded g profpe( of tb
flight a tenure of office, that of all rhofe appointed,
but one conented to ferve, and the (late went unre-
prefenred a whole year.
' -The eleffians of 1783, la both Kent and Snie
were difputed. There being no difpute, however.=s
to the councillot for Kent county, the fame perfin
being caidy ai parties, DIONYSIUS entered
* Into a long ditcuffion of the fubjee; for no reafold
- athat can poffibly be imagined, but that of injdring*
the name and reputation of a number of refpeasble
whig citizens, Thus it is refolved of one, that he
1rps in liqdtor--,,of a fecond, that he forcibly canied
off the box containing in it the utcounted votes or
tickets-that the votes or tallies were faved from a
third, who made anattempttofeizethem, that a fourth
behaved himfelf in: a very diforderly ad unbecom-
ing manner-that a fifth had knowledge of the at-
rem to take away the jbox before it was put in ex.
ectison. Finally, howeter, as ap example for the
houfeofaflemtly to follow, the eleaion for Kent was
aftabrhed, that .fSuffem declared void.
T         of afflinbly, afier a long hearing' b
rouncil. made akin  of -dra'wn hattle, they agreed
that both eledions thould be eftablifhed. At this
DIONYSIUS was much enraged. He reproached
the New-Caftle members particularly for difregard
ing his advice and example; and (wore a lot taken
from the county at large, might give them a chant:
o better members.
r         0D
-~ w~* ~
* ~ r~p
a.  ~
The county at Ste returned the faue nember
of council as before, and under the fame reguladons
of the ceaion. DIONYSIUS did not think propes
to avjca him again; but at the fame tioe the eleqp
gion was confirmcd, he didated to councl w l.og
firing of refolutions containingfuchs explaiado  of
the laws relative to eledions, as were aptly fitted to
encourage the torynon-jurors toqualifyandoppofeshe
whigs. It was fWtrther refolved that the counci
wee vtfted with right and power of juidgingca the
qualifications and clealons of its own member;
and confequently, to declare and make known he
opinion dpon the laws or any of them, prcrfig-
or limiting thei qualifications of the cledor* An&
laftly, copies of the foregoing refolutions and deter.
ninations of council were ordered to be foot to
Siser, and pully read at the opening of the ncu
It was very offenfive In the eyes of the peoples
that fundry refpedable juflices of the peace, whoe
commiffions had expired, were now dilcontinued,
and others recommended in their plac. T-vo cir-
cumitances contributed to aggravate this tranfaaion.
It appeared to have been accomplifhed by mere chi-
cane; and afterwards avowed to be for no other
reafon, than becaufe they were not of the right pe-
hgical connealo',
Thefe and other a~ts of tyraony, by this mcimo-
rable feflions, to far exoited the rdeintment of the
people, that in Oaober following, 1784, the whigs
fucceeded in their elcdians throughout the flae.
Even New-Cale on th s occafion, fecmed more
awake than dfuaL DIONYSIUS, howcver, had

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