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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 376

(   5s    )
The capture of our prcfidnt by tkc enemy, wih
the train of codrequenca attendant chercrn, hap.
pened in Septembcr, 1777.   This had fo4itlc tmhe
appearance of accidcrit, that many people fupttccd
delign. It mull tx concf4cd, howcvcr, the bettcr
opinion is, that it was owing to tb lLpidity f the
marA himfclf, rarthr than to any dirclion of D10-
NYSIU.%   For this comtingency brcught DIONY.
SIUS nto a refpon(ible firuz:ion, at a critical time,
when lie by io xcan. fiked iL  As (fpcker of the
legs!LAteve <ourNcil, it n w bccame his duty to admi-
nitter thle govermanct. Intc..d of fubtil arts, the
tiome aud circumn1Uces requircd a bold and oficnfl-
hlc bchAviour it the 6(il rangutrate. This did not
fuit the genius uf Dit )NYSItS; and he betook him-
icif to a pla.c .1 1.I!ctv kn tbc Jericy.  I he g.ven-
ment then de'volvej up-on the fpeAker of the houfk uf
A:einbl y.  Hc exerted hmtcif imadit the dAngers
s  i::ur'unded Kim, ikea brave man; and, huated
ro the birders of Prouylvaniaby refugees and enaf-
flfar  fet. out by the enemy to take him, was pro-
teded by providc:aec.  Lut DIONYSIT'S, at a con-
veancot ieafon, wa .Unduace to his own iho:e,
Lft compLaifantly, by a Britilh ha:-gc.
In Odoter, 1 777, the tories cf bullex being again
inedent at t!he,  ac-rjt clicaluO, thc whigs, embal-
dened by thc Alc of arta-, aId irr::ared by their Lal
year's iondudt, drovc !he.n its a body out of 1wn.
The whigs, c:1 thiS occation, made a grcat parade cl
2ims, and the torics imcrc excecJingly panic-frucL
In county this fr'-e year, it being unfafe
r meet at the town-'f NewC.'aftle, the ceion was
icid at New-Art  This circurnlzace was attended
with the rare contingrcacy, heA cycry scrzber re-
C   33    1
tgrand c. &         r crec vsticp. or dic-Dicay-
wcn   thc (~m  d og. kr  ha  the hoft
cS &:b
frof vie wh~ac hm GOw-C1kand
reMorn Oct r SL endue ,u          o reiTn.
Thus corfi:c   the tsoute cake for a I night.
without apprnrg a (pca:    for fMM wbcherer
count-y th fi -er a.o=!d be LP;i appotcd, the te
whcityo         ec      1he 7forics
were afraid of c fevere icG ia ; a4d the  Lt. aid
rtx code to give thern the advaCntg at to critical
a conjun&tme. FirtdLy, da~y tke cy, wzith ut
doing a fingle kglazsve at. At their roet mIeCeirg,
however, after PrvEss (hmpukniaSs ( .c( r nl  cn-
tiered into, a Kcritih man took tbe chair, xne writs
were miluedftor a new caeLlion to btics  I thL trar,
on this occuio. did n  appear; and the whoit -a.-
ried their celesrL, wl:h lite or n-.,ppohut
The wh snow ha' a decwded (upctcziry .1. t.e
hcrjfe o  axt-mbdy; but DIONY'Lt b urz.uaened
him onory u the legithrofCre   ilC thLe clcdi-
omt,, winch had hrought awa. the C tion rn the
lower boufc, had changed bt a meMber or two int
the other bran.h cf the LegJta1tre. Luag of
courfe enlued. relatiC to a uctt Act and it 9S tW
unilI May,      t 'hat th: whag ct.24 'bari the
A  for .c futeT fCer-ty f thI(e  N1 ernmenCt.
TIn thc mean t imc,"ery one did tLit ALwh  ,as
rr- in his own eves j d :- tary *r.agifirctes, ur
the two owCr coUW'rC Cfpec±Iy, appeCred t0 (MLI
or our s--efortune. The  kerecd t. idulge t'c
pieafin  hope, thit tlc difltrt'e of the ccuntrv
would redouble the difffettr:.'n ti the pc* lre. It
was frequendly :u'gge.hd,  are rL-e t7jA' <
: . Thc refu s piuandered act whe
.                  W

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