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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 375

1fm               (    30   )
a'ad recorded on the black lift ofSuffex, on the mi-
nutes of the alembly in 1776; and it 1777, he was
fclefted to adminifter righteus judgment to the
whigs of that county.  Another jufiicc appointed
tn this court, w2s a mUitiZ colonel, who had dravwn
all of his barallion dat he could, into the infurrec-
*on.   The oth;r two jufices, if nlot equally dif-
graced, wcre as profeffedly oppofed to indepen-
denc.  They coafidered their appoiAtment, as
icrely to 611 a gap for a leafon; and had no idea
that the new government could lcng i2nd.
The jMfticei of the peace, at, I other of.icers of
government, were appointed upon   ke principles.
Officers under the old government, any ways didli-
g-ited for revolution principles, were kft out of
all appoirtmcns.utder the new conilitutico: or if
'Scry refpckable in the eyes of the people, peThaps,
appointed to fcne inferior otqce. Thus CafLar Rod-
ny was packed into the tupreme court, between, two
torics; .ad N. V. Uyke was appcinted judge of the
admiralty. Thefe gentlemen, rccoll~eting that there
are tices when a privat- flation is the poft of Lonuor,
rcufed to (erve.  T. Rodacy, tough a magiftrate
Undcr the torner gkncramneu, was now left out of
commiffion. He was iAptai of the light-infamry
of Dover, an I thercfore - cry cboious to the repre-
kma~ativcs of his countr.
There fas are 10 .:Aoniding, as hardly to gain
credit out of the ffite.  Neverrtheles, upoa the
truth of thefe fads, thill reO the creit of this who!c
Hfilorr.  It is alff trwe, that the Luncert b-tween
DIONY'STUS and the tories ..: it.1s time, and cvar
after, renders it indifputab:: among the w-higi of
Delawar, that he was t: amer 4cd ccn'river of
31    )
thefe rafnures: and hence we feafonabily cor,-
clude, that fromi this tirr.e forward, his objcCts wcrc
to mluintain a fair face to die continent, and the
county of Ncw-Cafc, wnd to employ the tories of
Kent :.nd Sufc.r, as the chief inftruments of Lis
power and in.luence.
It is a maxim known andeftablited in all deliberative
affemblies, never to 3ppoint or employ men, to cze-
cute what they do nut approve.   But to diabill
our independence, the Drongilan policy wa5 'o prc-
fer rern polffed of the t:mfl t'i:,er prejudices agaiift
it. Is it not rct re.donable concluic, that
it was hib inw'.tienr. tS put the government ar.o 1uch
handi, aw t, tu'render it convenirntly, v.ith laims
for his meritorious iervices, whneever : fuitble r.
portunity thould offer ?
Notwrithflanding the repeated deu.leation of D10-
NYSILTS, thor there uere no ics i S.J-X. Tom
Robinfon and lisz Maniove, who had xh been hisr
fait friends in th legilPatue, wure iAow deicrCJ in
a traitcrous ccrrelcj  dr'icc with the enemy.  The
latter had embezzled a large tun of paper r:ioney.
et trufted with him icr the purpofcof grnir.  And
a letter from the former, giring a :-LA exulting de-
Icripticn of the tuccefi of the Kinr;'s friends, .t the
Laccledion in StiTC., wa intCrcepeon its way to
New.YorL     A iceret umcferper was difparcded, to
feize and brig; them  df--rc the1-il.Ilture; Lut they
hadfriends who garc !hthrn moe ectret netce, and
ther vccar4 t. t. e c-::ny.  A number of
from the iamc county, _ken, in ar. it!kit  r 'r
with the encm, and czafinrd i- the ;al CA P2i:A-
IdlhA. pettionrd to bc rckc ifl , and 'v t Ue inteT-
potstioon of or leg.iature, lrrc dfcharged, bit ne-
ver punzbed.

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