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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 374

cMi saaa Pres6yterias, he carfied his elefion Lv a great
tftjnrity, againd Ca/ac Redney. The Pre'fbyterians
of his own county voted againft him; but the
torics of Yent and SuiTes carried Lim with zcal.
This circumLiance is noted particularly, to expofe
the detflhble affeaation of the tories, at all times,
in i'crificing the facred rights of religion, to their
b   politicil prejudices.
the appcirntmnt of the judges of the fupreme
c-ige c n-   xt oipe the cnrpet. Th. firft or chief
juiUCe AppUinted to this couni, lek the fame cffice,
with other lucrative employments under the propri-
erarv governmont. lie relinoudhed the lucrative
employmenus he held under Oie former governmert,
.rather than take the ua'hs to the iew one.  Both
the othet judges, under the old gcvernmcnt, were
(f profeffed revolution princiFles: the oe from ,
Knit county was eleded , but the other, from Suf-
frx. -vas rejeacd. and 3 m in of kncwn oppolitira
to independence, appointed in his place. Finlly,
howeve*, none of them qualified.
It is remarkable, that the minutes of the haufc of
frernbly declare an unanimous vote in favour of the
juftices appointed to fill the courts of common-pleas,
in the refpeaive counties, owing to a piece of finetre,
for which DIONYSIOS alone can be fulpeded. It
was propofed in* private, tht the reprelentatives
fron eAch county,_hould determine the Fedon; to
be eleaed from their own countles recfpccively. T e
patriots frorm New-CaR!, tremh!ing for the reputa-
tion of their own county, durt not oppofe the pro-
poAtion.  Hence New-Cafile obtained a refpedable
povi;ntment; and the two lower countics, men of
the following defcription.
I.  .9    )
In Kent county, the chief ju(tice appointed to the
aim e  :a S man ton honcl., antd contiquently pai'
f :icd of to, (que-nmit a ckvs& icace. to (VICar t, mi-
tain .1 goverinment which fc w ifhed iever -o be
c#tahliihrd: he therefnre dectine'! * rite the ats.
The f4aos CLark, t% hn hAJ heen piltorcd and egced
at Diver, was appointcd -d julatc  A nsted bully,
who, on all roccafian, curkd the Bofloniant as re-
bels and trairors, 3nd had fcnified his hcute with
loop-holes and gun-, for his de-feo:c agaird  ahigs
and committees, was appointed 3d juhice.  And a
mnn, detained a long time unde' guArd. by (kner
Smallw(o, for a well grounded futpLcL('n of ttal-
tEroa and treafonan:e pradetrs, was appimnted 4th
juftice. So'me time afterwards, (lark wsi advaftced
rn the place of chief j3dice, and his pia-e of ad
juimce, was filled by a man, who, at the 'smne tamc
Clark was p1sitorsred, efcapcd from a wind< W, frose
fear. excited by confcioiui Fl* unli. 1a hadm: ir.
the fwamps, did nt jar, t,! oer;-c forth#, unl. [
writtsra the moftCbe' to the cipwai  at
.he ight infantry. Thdtce rme-.  '- Awe a leiatIC
to the (hte; and  we m.V  L-.'  ( . '-I r. l'y . f C
:hc rell, bv the I mr, %A .r, thr I .1  "  d
infilel, did not       'A o:(c.C  !!:e dr- 1TaTOn
of faith in the !rIni"v, rei:m: : v dhe onr.ftrasun.
11 Suf,    uxty    ; :c;udg.- (J 0.- hipheA' dderCvip-
;i"ln, It not of b rit a;poirn'ment, ws a mlildi
cap:Ain, who, afrer va.- ;!icrr.; :s to tchce z bro-
ther officer of the fame .- . to egagr In the
infurre,!bcn, with a t r-ird force.  pu! hi
wti: neigh1'orur rf his a.rm ard  arniiei. and
with many execCtue.s a-s nfi crn;rrfr* 3 !5M
mlitters, inord thme in(..r,-cr.t.  he wa.t v4tred,

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