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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 371

tolicited affiltanze againfit theis countrymen, had
Cbconded, and could not be taken.     Finally, the
tCommiffioners ordered all thofe who wcre conviaed
from overt aas of an intcntioa of joining the ene.
my, to be difarmedL With the utmoll humility, and
apparent gratitude fo (he lenity of their judges, tli
haftened to obey twe: mLndate, brought in and dei-
wered up their arms. The declaration of there de-
iaqisents, fubfcribed by a Iong lift of thir names,
was returred to the houfe of affTmbly, arnd recorded
on their minutes, where it flands as a lafting monu-
ment of dilgrace to the ftate, as will morc fully ap.
- pear in the (equel.
During thefe tranfadions In Delaware, the que.
Rion of Independence was agitated in congrefs; and
the refpedive legiflatures were inftruaing their dcMo-
gates on that fubjeat. From the defcrp tion of the
SuTex ekleon, in 17    P and the trantamons of the
county afterwards, noy will doubt that their fe-
prefnratives were tories or anti-revolutioniftL  The
repretentatives from Kent this year, were as deci-
dedly whig or revolutionifl. The important que.
flion, therefore, whether we (bould inftruA  for or
againft independcnce, was detcrmined by the -cprc-
fentatives of New-Cafile. The people of this coun-
ty, almoft univcrfAlly well dirpcfed, wcre therefore
the Icts fufpicious; and DIONYSIUS had Co con-
trived as to have a majority ot their reprefectatives,
though men of fpecious & haraders. his f4(( friends,
and tdrally under his dire&ion. Thus, by meCan of
the Suffex tories, and his friends from New-C:(le,
DIONYSIt'S procured inttrudions from the hou'e,
to himfelf and collcagues, our de!cgatcs in congrefs,
to oppop iOfeprfdWrcf.
'* 3 )
In congrefe, DIONYSJ fCi~tFully cbyed his
irifauai:s. throughout che whole dchate trpn this
important quethon; and Li colezue, knowin Low
thefe infruians were ctaiined, and that they wer
not the fcnfc of the virt, - part of the commerity
-he reprefcated, .qre fCthfgly difrgarded th  .
without pow'-ic Eo corru:t cogrets, .-
cD 1P  OCamf=, cOUd ' ry btray hi fineT., and
the eonfidential cdramerce btween him and t!%c pro-
prim firends . Hience it wzia, tha (",Me -of the
. us men at hat tkhe In cozrefs pra-
noncd him better titted for th. - diftrid of St.
.7mseis'* than the rt&on i'4Ae'ira.
'igally, although to avoid fingularity, he agreed
t6 figu'the declaration, yet how V'eU he int*dd to
fiulfiLthe (olemn  .he had tbus fabfcribed,
let every readier jt'*8 from what follows.
S  F.C

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