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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 369

e a mjorit Gf the peopte of Suilex againft indepen-
dence. pon this principle it was, that Robinfon,
and other of the fame politfcal creed, were elcted
repreentatives of the peop!e.
The whigs borc all ttir wiMh a degree of patienct
peculiar to Ddaware. Rtobinfon, rendcredfearlesby
his fucce(s, ind the forbearance of the whig, pro..
ceeded boldfy in his villacics. IHy etery meas in
fis power, he reduced the -people to break deteagh
the r on-inportation agreement. In partieolar, he
purchafed a Lurge auantity oftea, and dealt it out to
all whom he could peruade to uf, ft. flavibig by
this time a degree of contempt for all oppfition,
ru.rc was to litae referve in thefe tranfa4ions, that
the commnlttee of obfervation df the county, codd
not avoid taking nctice of them. After i Rattire
hearing, and judgment of his condudi thr comn-
mitree publithcd him in the newv-papers,' as an
eneiny to hi country. It was upon this grond, the
right infantry company of 'over frized upon Robin-
fLu, on his way to take his feat the hofe
of reprelentatives, at New-f'aftle; and demanded
of the legiflature, thathe thouid no. he permitted
to fit as a reprfentative of the people, whil covci-
ed wiLh charges of (o malignant a dye.  inf.ead of
regarding the iniquities ofthis culprit, ITONYSTUSt
talked in a high firain ofthe breach of privilege \
of the houfe.   An ordet iffoed, fummonin    the
infantry to attend the houfe, which they in  ntly
obeyed. Mention was even made of imprifoning
thcm  for fo daring an ofence.    But the fpirit
of New-Caftle county, did not at that time, I
&vor this meafore It was fuggefted, they muft
find means of confining a regiment or more of their
militia, or they would at detain the infantry long.
1  OV   I
Foc many days aficr the examination of the
witeglcs, which went chiefly to an inqiry into the
(ffenci of the infantry, thcre was o open di(cuflian
as ufual laq tbc houfe. . At the ringing of elre be!!, a
minority of patriotic members met regula y : but
DIONYSIUS, in fcc.rc: cabal, threatened fcme mcm-
ber, and altured others with proniles, until tie
brought hiU meafures to for. Finadly, h was re-
jfled, that Robiafon and his affcitte (whn had
alfo bean arrefled for flanding in hit defence) thould
tale their' fca:s; and the light infdntry were
This traofalion had a mArigtant influence on
Delaware. The whig thus b-ow-beaten, were d!f-
couraged, and tie ntries, affured of the l :tronage
ofDIONYSIUS,became bold and pcrtcvering in their
arts and induflry for deceiving the people. Crn,9Itu-
tional i3erty,an artful phrale, implying dependence,
and a retention of the old form of goverruncr, wIas
cried up in appoetin to the tyranny of congrefles
and c tnrmittees. All pcoplc were a arrd aganft
the violence of Prfotferta., who had kr.g ago
made havock in Nrw.England, md wcre now in con-
cert wLuh the y.Mer, no doubt for the purpofe of
foane lecret mjfchict T!.- (pecious cpith-t moderate
was aflumed by the tori:. ;.ti given !, all rbrir rmen,
and mcafurcs. Frery prcprew* tool -':t coJ he
1 rouled up, was now brought into 2cion. Magif-
trates and Other oficrs, whc in the bepr.r.ir4', to
cncourage the  !-oplk to ft in oppo.:iod to mini.
flerial meafures, aflc-cged it  outJhe rn' prroper fcvr
a men u-ncomif~ilne2 d hy t  n*crn. n !t *co ferve in
t committees, at the rCcond <!cti.Y  pO"fed themfelves
into thdre bodie', in eery iundred whcrc it was

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