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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 368

'"c Tefe edimes that Iried men's fals.*
DIONYSIUS ce.&d no longer impofe on plen of
fagacity, who wee not willingly deccivCd. MaiY-
land bon fibda d all propriet, t1 op ofitin. PCn -
fyfvia alic paffCd. thr'ough ths di culty with hJ-
tib. But, alas! for Delaware, fubjugated as Ihe
wai, with the chief powers and emoluncnts of go-
rernment in the hands of proprictay age:us; dral:ed
of-nany of her beft whigs, by the regiment raifed at
that time; and fedu, -d by the arts and alliduity of
"he proprietary adhe' nts. Tht fell even frori the
actsainmnts Ihe had made; and under the abiute
direaion of DIONYSIUS. was held in coritair rea-
diaefs to bc delivered up to the enemy, if ever a
practicable opportunity had offered. All this will
appear manketu from what follows: and that DIO-
N IStUa mutt have funk with DUL NY, and the
proprietary friends in lcnnfylv nia, undcr the repu.
tA4CUuof a Tory, and .oft all power ani influence
in any Itate of the union, except Delaware.
Independence was now the queftion: indalthough'
the w ags made some exertions, by infilru-ling their
repreleatrives, the proprietary tools fui paffed them
in zeal and adivity. Runners were employed in
the two lower counties particularly, to circulate their
memorials aud runonflrauce againft independence.
The fears of th: people were mnit induitrioufly
alArmed with the rrefiftable power of Great Britain;
and the Churcb v s put nto imminent danger from
aPrsb)ter:an fact:on. Everyo:lcr argument, which
could be fuppofkd to intluence an uninformed peo.
ple, who acted b) th: advice of others, rathcr than
from the exercife of their own reafon, was incul-
cated with great aliduity. In thort, this was the
I; ."
17 1
tisTlwhep, the miued pf the people of Delaware
wVr      poifoned.  VIu.itude3 were iaquced, fur
thq ke dme, to oppo4 by remonftrances, the re-
colnmedatiorp of coigrers. This extorted reproaches
froq jhpjcrol4ijqni1s.  A 1alions (pirit was cro-
;ted, bI c #li1hed a line of diftinlion between
V'dgs 2, ones, that lafted throughout tb' war.
ION'SitUS lay fnug during thefe
tra&%!     it was eary to difcover his dire&ing
h, at Wis ricads, indeed, In circulating the remuon-
firance. %     independeace, did not helstate to
dccj thqy wpre to b; puit into his hands, and ufed
4t b1s  tilo., Eve.-y man eleaed or appointed
to,            the iazuence of thefe falhe colour-
LS,.. admin ffra cont with hint, or rather un-
der his treCton an4 itouencc. It was his repeated
dqlaratton, Zhere Wag not a tory in'Sufex coau.
And when Tom 1tobinfon was arrefted by the lig t
inia~try. vf'-ver, as a perfon made infamous and
(;andalous,   the publication of the committee of
ipfpeaion of SuTlx, DIONYSIUS cabafled for a
week, until he dtablifhed his feat in the houfe of
But to explain the attachment and connedian aof
DIONYSIUS with Robinfon, :and the other repre-
fentatives from Suffex, it will be neceffary to give
fome acqount of this county, and their eled:on at
Lewes, in Oobcr, 177. This Rob-infon wras a
man of prcpcrty, an4 had bcen a leader in the pro-
prictary faaion for lorse ycars. Pcrfealy  prn-
cipled, and fuhfervient to diremion, he of courre at
this tiu., became a leader in oppofition to indepen-
dence. With all the induftry of irterefted tools, he,
and his affociates of the fNme cQncion, prejudiced
G                a majoray

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