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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 367

SMMWUt good ylcople of this county, putporting
a daseh the-conflitution of this government, up.
onyffdpits which we conceive muft be erroneous
sa. Iufoad, and by no means fipported, ar even
countena    liy the late refolution of the continen.
tal congrmls, entered into May the i5th, 1776; upon
. wich refolution we fuppof: faid Petition, Remon.
race.Br Inftrudion, is pretended to be founded,
viz. " That it be rec nmendda to the refpedive
aff&nblies and.conventions of the united cclonies,
" where no government, fuficient to the exigencies
of their affairs, has been hitherto eltablithed, to
Appt Inch government, as thall, in the opinion
of the reprentatives of the people, beft conduce
to the happinefs and fafety of their conrilituents in
particular, and America in gener -."-Which we
conceive muft refer only to fuch colon'e*, as are in
confulon, from the prorogation or difflution of
afflemblies; and in no meafure intended to Afed the
good people of this government, whofe affembly has
been, and fill is competent and adequate to the ex-
igencies of their affirs; and have had all due obedi.
edit* p-i&to their ads and refohstions by their con-
But the movers of the above Petkion, Remon-
e r Ipilrud'ion, as wc understand, having
taken the faitl reforhifion in a-diffierent fenfe, (as if
the congrefs had intended anothermode of repreen-
tation'and govcrnmcnt, than by affemblies, under
- which we have long confidered ourfelves a Yppy
people, and which we look up to with reverent- and
the warmt affiCtion) we thould think it crilninal,
not to dedeIre to your honors, our fentiments, which
we art fbty convinced at e thofe of a large majority
** * a'.
* (   is   )
of the inhabitants of this count7V Li, aswe believe,
We beg leave to obferve, that the pr&t na4wpm
py difpites iui *hlch the cotoIn  are inw pvp  we
begun for thi defence had prefkrvation 4 th  tw-
ted rights and privileges of the cplonies, aogheir
tien forms of government. Apsidbumblyappre-
hpd, that the changlog the conitution g'i ibs crl-
ticir riod, would be ading cortrary tqhagaygwed
principles on which ihd oppolition was madc. sp the
oppilefive meafures or the Briti% inity, would
14i0"rery mucb to difunite the people, and be pro-
&Mn Ye of tlc roft dangerous confequccp.
flre experience of all ages and opsons, cearly
mafdting, that conftituti ial changes *ever fail
to'afarm the people, and Uon. their fears; and unicss
they are gone into with the greateft delicacy, delibc-
ration and caution, and with the entire approbation
of :hepeople in general, are attended vi Ith the 4nuft
vi lent convulfions, often fatal to their liberty and
We rarther bec' leave to fay, that if the honorable
houle Mhould adopt our ideas, and detcrmine to con-
ti: us to excrcf the powers the conflitution bath
invefted them with, we are firmly perfuaced they
may rely upon the fupport of their conifituents.
We therefore humbly pray, that the houle may
not, by diffolving itfelf, or otherwife, yield up any
of the powers the con fitution bath entrufted them
with, under the prctence of conveniency or nmcef-
fity. But retaining them in their own hands, may
continue to exercife them for the good of their cot.
ftituents; and we, as in duty bound, &c.
. e Mf I .e

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