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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 365

.v..                   (   30o  )
witb that of ;he proprieries; and as firmly
itached.'t'eir nciift , and realonDy engaged in
theife rvice, as eve/i' at,
-    Prrh the mcmorabi': ra'of-s763, the progref
of  itilith jcafury, and confequeit -ttempto at zrbi-
trary power and domination over the colonic:, are
afottious. The natur  ind hiflori of onui troubles,
. from the flamp-aC .. i; 65, to the comdx'encemecnt
Crhoffilities, and t. fuccecding events$ gA the war,
are alfo welt known, to far se rcfpefp 1'-ratradtions
0* -! had a relaiun to the whole union. But there
was a ecutiari'y in the proprietary provinceg, that
way not have 46n genertiv obferved, effecidlt by
people *hti refied in the kingly governms0i: : for
cci tairdy lefs notice has been taken of the circum-
iiiuct 1I othut to meption, than it deferred.
'At the ccdInencespeit of our troubles, the pro-
ariet:'ties ti I ommon'intertft with the pCople at
.  !.c petry 1fvercigns were as much' afraid
*oft  ~g tiie powels eid e'mol:meits ofgovernment
WrfI ionth ,' :'a dh peopic ve oloig their
libk'r. 11..ce d::rbop-a& ;ad Ib long
vw hur .v n-co:f::te t?.e'overegnas his I ege
.      futi'U:-, h: rr: Zilc .'i48t l their cc::nedions,
.' thogh~eztfthcr vrpi g:VCcrufZM, were in frid
ka(*ne d5t!,e peel     all 'r B*. '  cri dct L ul-7r'sr
' ,,celeb d piece writtkh sgibit tfi Ramp-ad.  In
S    Penfyivar., the relthcses r.o  icnds of the pr
'Prietaries wcc unift Alivc in Conigrefs, and forward
to entcr io ur arxty. Dricufus in 1765, attend-
ed the frP. r mcrican Congrdfs at Ncw-York. and
.icq!it ed hiinfelf to the' Itiqfaition of the penple of
j',Defav,:re. - Hie was agih q'pointcd to the Congrefs
whi-i met in 1774--tiored the ntn-inifortition
( ri )
agreement, theappointmentof connittees of inf he-
tion, and he did not oppofe the afllciationl and ati-
fterina ofthe inilitia. 'During this perioJ, tcryiL'm
was chiefly confined tj the kingly govern ncts..
The grciteft unanimity pervaded the proprietary '
But the bare mention of in.lependcnce by Johy
Adams was a rmi-hrty f-arceco*w exceedingly re;:r s)
ted,bSv every proprietarvcohne Lion. writinz of
CG.?mmonfenf early in 1-77d, like the voice of iafpri-
tion, ired the minds of all u:biaffed men, wvith a real
fir independence, and effedually cooled the patri-
othiin of every proprietarv tool. 1n May, of the
fame important year, Congrefs rccommen4ed it to
the united colonies refpedively, to adopt 1i0 ipdc-
pendent gov-rnmcnt, as in the opinion o th repre-
fentatives of the people, would conduce moft to their
happinefs and ffety.  By this time the tables were
fo far turned,that that toryihn which was fubdued in
the kingly governments, was paramount in the pro-
I'rietaWy colonies. In Mlaryland, the proprietary in-
Ruence fofar prevailed in their Convention, that they
rejeaed the recoinnendation of Congrer, and cntcr-
ed into a fet of refolutions alltgcd and hc! .vcd to
have been drawn up in Philadelphia. The ftruggles
at this time in Penifylva'nia cannot be forgotten. As
a fpecimen of what paffed in Delaware, I hereunto
bubjoin the intiruaions of the whigs of -Keipt cottLy
to their reprefentativcs, and the remonftrances of our
proprietary agents, who wec the ring-leaders in this
ufinefs, ard by this time haJ aflociated all forts of

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