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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 364

A ,general Accouint of
Dionyfies, previo
.* ?is i         4ar aggrvahon to-
'tyngy   F DIONYS US, tptbA 4 wn borq
a  Te love of couoy bad aslirtle
his zptbioq. as  f (cgfe of piorality.
li  ,draaes    the proftlm of the'ti
w0e-deine I ptoodht rither than a. prgtl "5.
wius.     u wiout abwiticsto tak- a fair lqad fOpp
claWOfOrAe t ", riOlfe iA markw it WM ~e
rirpt' eity in A.t1the arts of intriue.
'thei e supn'and fimall advances is 14v3-
itkia at    time, wi n   r, readred it af
les 4dapted to thrutivation-of bia native cunnu1
hasthe more c'urly proviic'of 'o yarlan. At
)Ip racc co. he kulis of his poS~;
Isrlaiwsehis.pncipal' theatreg ad it was not
mnt be entered intD TRW5 of a[mbro, tat tiC rode
he chruit of Delaware. As the law was in high
ultivation in Maryland, he muft have made rome
lproftment in his legal anowledge, during his prac-
te there. But what was of more confequcoce, he
acquired an oblequious and courtly form of man.
ntrs, and had anopportunhy of obErving and becom-
in ,well acquaintedwi.htmcans emp!oyedfor ecc*
ing the peopIe, and the greater advances madb by
Lord Baltimore, in fabjugating and oppreiang that
pwovince, than had Ocen attcipted by te propric-
taries of Dclaware.
ithbough tht Penn family had cot mae: luch
advar'.tZO in lu:>jugaticn, as t.eir orighbour hari-
more, Vet they were mAing thc bdt progrcfd in
their Fur this purpofl, it wa.s nccctlry to
engage mr their fa&aion, fame kading men if abili-
ties. 4cither the talenu, nor congedlips of D10-
NYSIUS, entitled him to their furt choice; but he
was the irfi amon, his co.-emporaric*, to accept
upon their uwn terms. and from that day to this,
he ib truly to be confidered as a proprietary reraioir.
With this connedion, it is eafy to conccivc how
DIONYSIUS arrived at great power and iniduence
in Delaware.  Ihe proprctirier,CrthiCir Leu1Cnwt
Governor, appointed zll the o'Jicers cf the goverv.
ment, by the advice and rccomncadation cf D10-
NYSIUS and his facion. Superior genius and t2-
lents wcighed lightly in the balance, in competition
with creative powers: znd h-ppy was be v.ho could
gain the patronoge of this mighty man.
[t is not necefTary to our purpfc to thew, by
inumerable inflances that might be a iduced, how.
toully the governmtc: was Inbjeaed to the propri.
etary faction, by the tiate rf the revolution cfgw-
cially as this lejAing trait of .haralCr wili be evinced
by the whoLc hitoiry of DIONYSIUS; that he has
ncver relinquiied his proj rc:ary conncttior; thait ie
has onailoc.atioie during lhercvclution. betraycd the
people, wher.vr thcr in' rc'a'r. ex c
n                     -!'

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