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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 363

cc record the tranritions of Delaware, tpay note mi-
oAig, .that woii only lengthen out' this treatife
inieceffirily.  'te moR important fa&s are efta.
blithed y Authentic records of the fiate; ac the.
re (U olbe toarrangtd, as we tnft will
fogc      fortity the truth of our hiory, againft
part(y,  Iprojidice, and carry convikion to every
Sn     minqtuirer.
a ftbitlory will fidcefarilyinvolve in it, thcre
ca*s aidevents, whidi, during the revolution, im-
po,3' d  Delawire the ap'pllatidn of a Tory State,
every honeft man, as he reads, will be induced to re-
II<& t, how far ie miy have been impofed upon, by
the arts and affi juity of theDionyfian fadion, and will
be 4oubly gur.dedinr future.  Without the flate, all
intelligent m:n will readily determine, that the dan-
ger of fuch a charadler as is here defcribed, will not
be confined to DelbwareL efpecially under the new
conftitution of the Uni!ed States.  They will recol,
Ic& what is pafi, and take care for the time to conth.
It is airanity the author has a right to indulge, that
no mean perfon has ever been fulpeded of employ-
inghis fignature. The hoft of pedagogues and-pid-
&it. genifes employed to calumniatc rather than
i4dwar him, have defigncted as the objeds of their
rep'ches., none but men of known integrity, and
fArongly marked as decided revolutionills: * fuch
indeed as were moft likely to oppofe a corrupt and
tyrannic adminifiraio:. So far as names and repu.
* The Chief Juilice, rr. 1 rhe Prefidebt of the flate fucier r'f the
Cincinaci, have been frecially rointSd out.  Tn rhe ecnremptueus
Wuage of our Fourr, thefe ate Lrtletf Tim, and Bag Tir.
tzalon could influeuce, thefre would be cf Cufficient
authority: Eut as this hiflory is intended to reft
upon its own merit done; tfe au&o has affumed a
name other importane, thar as it is adapted
to#.e ntrc and drgn~bf thi work
As it is' not wiflied to profrBy nrnes of chiracj
tcraffq ocither iĀ§there the loat defIre to injuor4 them.
It hc*.-been pr6&Gd,* and "a t&tefoft expeaed,
'Cat the ici'lent. ainzf fafl yer" will, on this
occian, h miltipted many fold.
It cannot be expeaed of awsiter in a puecade,
that he fhould undcrtdie The'defenc d'i o may
be reproached. for what he has faid or done. Thofe
Sentlemen who may feel themfelves in any wife 1ea'
QaiizeA by the writings of Tidoleog, have an c*f
redrefs, by difdalming the work. As to the real
4ather, were it the fafhion, he would as leave fign
%is proper name, as any other; an& thould our
Court. Sycophauts happen to guefs right at him, he
is not fo weak a man, as to-bc under any apprehen-
fion, they can iajure him in the good opinion of
gny pefon, whote etteem and fricndfiip he has any
regard for. At all events, and at the rifk 6f every
potabfe confequence, he is refolved to obey the d1ic,.
rates of his confcicnce, in expofing to a fair and open
*'ew of the wprid, a fhameful tyranny, the more
difrapeful to hjs native flate, as it has n   ac-
compliffied to much by open force, as thi 8ttnleaq~s
of deccpfosa, feduOIbn, and corrupticn.

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