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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Rodney, Thomas, 1744-1811
Thomas Rodney to Caesar A. Rodney, Poplar Grove, 14 June 1788,   pp. 353-357

Page 356

any Simple form, One that is Mixt, and equally ballanc'd
by the different [---] Classes that unavoidably rises up
in Society, Sutes them best--The Prince or Chief Magistrate
with the Officers under him Composes one Class in Society
whose Interests are Similar; The fixt or Landed property
forms another (of Such is commonly composed the Judicial
department) The Common people compose a third class--and all
others by their Occupations or Talants are thrown into
[a fourth?] of these Classes; therefore to form a permanent
Gover[nment] which Neither class may have it in their power
to injure the Interests of another, each of them ought to
have an independant negative in the legislature. Otherwise
the common people for fear of oppression will ever be Aiming
at pulling down the rich to a level with themselves and the
rich will ever be oppressing the poor for fear they Should
git this in their power; Between the two the laws would
always be fluctuating, and the Executive department be ruined
by being turned first against one & then the other as either
chanced to git the uper hand. This has been too Much the
case in America, And I fear the new Constitution is Not
Sufficiently Adjusted to the above principles or to[o]
well adapted to the Manners habits customs & usages of the

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