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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Rodney, Thomas, 1744-1811
Thomas Rodney to Caesar A. Rodney, Poplar Grove, 14 June 1788,   pp. 353-357

Page 355

common welfare of the people. and tho these endeavours have
not been intirely Sucessful, they have been very useful
in obtaining Some Necessary laws and regulations; in discarding
Some injurious propositions, and Softening the Assperity of
You have forgot to Send me Mr. Adams's Second Volume
on Government; his first contains a great deal of useful
information and tho' there is little in it but What I was
before Acquainted with Yit it is convenient to have a fund
of Such Material knowledge collected into one Volume, And
I doubt not but his Second is equally useful--perhaps as
his first Chiefly respects republican forms--his Second May
Treat more of Regular Monarchies--by a regular Monarch I
mean a Government Where the Prince (as In France, Prusia,
Rusia, Turkey & Persia) is the fountain of power, from
whom it decends to all his Officers and Subjects--If men
were as wise and as good as Angels perhaps this would be the
Most excellent kind of Government because it is Most like
that which the Diety has Established for the Direction of
the Universe: It is the Most natural Government and however
unpopular among Men, every Government inclines towards it,
but as the nature and capacity of Mankind is not Suited to

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