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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Rodney, Thomas, 1744-1811
Thomas Rodney to Caesar A. Rodney, Poplar Grove, 14 June 1788,   pp. 353-357

Page 354

going to turn her mind a little to domestic Affairs this
Season, to preserving fruits &c. &c. and to git a little
Accustomd to home--
The Legislature Was Sitting fifteen days and passed,
fourteen Laws, beside doing Much other business, So that you
may Se[e] we were not Idle--Yit I do not Esteem industry in
Making Laws very Meritorious--fluctuating Laws is a great
evil, therefore the Laws Should alter Only as the
circumstances of a people gradually require it, So that a
Multitude of new laws are always injurious Even tho in
reason & theory they Should appear best--It is easy to
Make Laws and political constitutions but it is not easy
to reconcile the knowledge, Manners, and habits of a
people, grounded on long Custom and usuage to new Laws or
Constitutions. If legislators were Wise enough to observe
them, and had virtue enough to use their Wisdom right the
Circumstances of a Nation would always point out What new
laws were Necessary--but to the great Injury of America,
Most of her laws are the product of Self Interest, party
prejudice, Envy or Ambition. I have Indeavour'd in Our
legislature these two years, to regulate in Some degree the
Extreme exertions of those thwarting passions, and as far as
possible to Turn the Mind of the Legislature to ward the

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