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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Brutus: an enquiry into the present grievances of America, (Philadelphia) Freeman's journal, 28 May 1788,   pp. 347-351

Page 349

"Commerce has been, and must continue to be to America,
what the Missisippi and South Sea schemes were to France and
England--bubbles which ruined thousands. But manual industry,
agriculture and manufactures are the life and soul of
governments, the true and only source from which happiness,
riches and power can possibly be derived.
"Our children must be all doctors or lawyers, because
it is mean to be an artificer or mechanic. However suitable
such notions may be to the meridian of France or England,
where there is more difference between man and man than
between man and beast, yet surely in republican governments
founded upon the broad basis of equality they are highly
contemptible and ridiculous. This stupid prejudice is not the
growth of America, but a poisonous weed imported from Britain
with crape cushions and hoop petticoats. We are not content
with aping their ridiculous fashions, but must implicitly
adopt their contemptible prejudices. The plough has been
always held honorable, it composes part of the arms of the
state--and why not the plough maker? why should the man who
drives the plough be esteemed in preference to him that
made it? Away with such idle and foolish distinctions, the
bane and poison of the state. So long as we wear clothes
we ought to esteem and encourage our manufacturers and

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