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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Rodney, Thomas, 1744-1811
From Thomas Rodney, Poplar Grove, 15 April 1788,   pp. 343-345

Page 344

being once more put in their hands, they may Obtain their
wishes: for while they ware the golden medal of the
Cincinnati, they will not be easy Untill Some Order of
military Knighthood is established. Perhaps when one of
these Interests Obtains the government and the other the
Sword they will agree, That the one Shall be Peers of the
realm; and the other Knights of the Golden Eagle. This at
first perhaps would not be relished by the people at large,
but I do not know that it would prejudice the common welfare.
The republicks of Greece and Rome Had both their Knights and
Nobles, and these Seem to have been Necessary to that
freedom and Splendor, of those celebrafted] Republicks,
which Still enlightens the world. Military Knighthood is
an exciting reward to Young Soldiers; and pays them better
than Mon[ey] and after a Man has Served his country through
the prime of life He considers it as a full reward for all
his Services to be raised to the highest Seat of Honour.
Therefore a country that is without Honors, lacks those
rewards which are a far Stronger Excitment to publick Services
than Money. The Article in the Constitution against confering
any degree of Nobility, is an evidence that there is a
Strong disposition in favour of it, otherwise Such an

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