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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

The Delaware General Assembly, 24 October-10 November 1787,   pp. 111-150

Page 112

General Assembly, Wednesday, 24 October
House Proceedings, A.M., 24 October
On motion, Resolved, That Mr. Porter, Mr. Davis, and
Mr. Clayton, be a Committee of Elections and Privileges
for the ensuing Year; and that they have power to send for
Persons, Papers, and Records.
- 8B    General Assembly, Thursday, 25 October
House Proceedings, A.M., 25 October
The Committee of Elections and Privileges made a
report, which was read, and approved as follows:
That there is no return of Members elected to serve as
Representatives in Assembly, from the County of Sussex; and
as business of the utmost consequence to the Happiness,
Prosperity, and Existence of this State, is now depending
before the House, they suggest the necessity of conducting
the same in such manner, as would be most conducive to unani-
mity and concord; and therefore conceive it necessary, that
an enquiry should be made why the returns of the Election,
for the said County of Sussex, have not been transmitted to
this House; or that measures be adopted to compel the Sheriff
of that County to make his returns, as speedily as possible,
if an Election has been held; that the business of this State
may be transacted with the utmost strength, harmony, and expedition.

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