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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Prospects for ratification of the Constitution by Delaware, 26 September-11 December 1787,   pp. 28-31

Page 30

Samuel A. Otis to James Warren, New York, 27 November"
If the Confederation ceases, puissant as any state may feel
itself, I think its independence is at an end. If they
[the states] prefer the Confederation upon the old, or rather
present plan, they certainly ought to keep up their represen-
tation; and if they are zealous for the new plan, they
ought to send their delegates to prepare the way, and I had
like to have said make the paths straight before it. But
I have no expectation of a speedy adoption of the new system.
New Hampshire I can give no account of; Massachusetts and
Rhode Island, no; Connecticut, yea; New York, no; New Jersey,
doubt; Pennsylvania and Delaware, least these
are my probable conjectures upon each state from present
James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, New York, 9 December;'v
The Constitution proposed by the late Convention en-
grosses almost all the whole political attention of America.
All the legislatures except that of Rhode Island, which have
been assembled, have agreed in submitting it to state
conventions.....New Hampshire from every account, as well as
from some general inducements felt there, will pretty
certainly be on the affirmative side. So will New Jersey
and Delaware.

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