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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 677-735 PDF (3.9 MB)

Page 733

Villa Real: town—see Ciudad Real. 
Villaret (French): village near St. André-de-Majencoules, 45 miles
west of Sabran (E5d1: 14). 
Villefranche-sur-Mer (French), Villafranca (Italian): port—F3d2: 1.
Villehardouin (French): castle near Troyes (E5c2: 1). 
Villena (Spanish), Ballãnah (Arabic): town—D5e2: 13. 
Villeneuve (French): town, probably Villeneuve-les-Avignon, 1 mile NW of
Avignon (E5d2: 1). 
Villeneuve (French), Rangia (medieval): village on slope of Mt. Paradisi
Villiers-le-Bel (French): town 10 miles NNE of Paris (E3c2: 1). 
Vinalapó (Spanish): river—D5e2: 14. 
Viru: district—see Wierland. 
Visby or Wisby (Swedish): port—H4a3: 17, 18, 19. 
Vislinsky Zaliv: lagoon—see Frisches Haff. 
Vistula; Wisla (Polish), Weichsel (German): river—H4b1: 2, 19, 20.
Viterbo (Italian): town—G3d3: 2. 
Vitkov (Czech): hill just east of Prague (G5b5: 20). 
Vitry-en-Artois (French): village 26 miles sw of Tournai (E4b5: 1). 
Vittoriosa: town—see Birgu. 
Vivar or Bivar or Viver (Spanish): town—D5e1: 11. 
Vlaanderen: region—see Flanders. 
Viachia: region—see Thessaly, Wallachia. 
Vlesiri or La Glisiere (medieval): castle, possibly at modern Besere, 6 miles
NW of Olena(I2e3: 4). 
Vlone, or Vlorè: port—see Avlona. 
Vltava (Czech), Moldau (German): river—G5b5: 20. 
VoiotIa: district—see Boeotia. 
Volga (Russian), Itil (Tatar): river—N3c4: 16. 
Volos, Gulf of; Pagasetikos Kolpos (classical and medieval Greek), Pagasitik6s
Kólpos (modern Greek)—I3e1: 4. 
Volterra (Italian): town—Gld2: 2. 
Vonitsa (medieval Greek), V6nitsa (modern Greek): town—I1e2: 4. 
Vostitsa (medieval), Aegium (classical), AIyion (modern Greek): town—I3e2:
Vysehrad (Czech): castle just south of Prague (G5b5: 20). 
Wabdhah: town—see Huete. 
al-Wãdi al-Abyad: town—see Guadalaviar. 
al-Wãdi al-Kabir: river—see Guadalquivir. 
Wadi Anah: river—see Guadiana. 
Wadi Ash: town—see Guadix. 
Wadi-l-Hijãrah: town—see Guadalajara. 
Wadi MtLsâ: town—see Li Vaux Moysi. 
Wagria (medieval): district north of Lubeck—Gb: 20. 
Wahran: port—see Oran. 
Wales; Cymru (Welsh): region west of England—Db: 1. 
Wallachia; Vlachia (medieval), Valachia (Rumanian): region north of Bulgaria—
IJd: 2, 16. 
Warchin (French): suburb 2 miles east of Tournai (E4b5: 1). 
Warmja: district—see Ermland. 
Wartenberg (German, Czech): castle—H lb5: 20. 
Washqah: town—see Huesca. 
Watland (medieval): district of northern Estonia—Ja: 19. 
Wavrin (French): town 18 miles west of Tournai (E4b5: 1). 
Weichsel: river—see Vistula. 

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