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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

Page 676

1489 Baza, Almeria, and Guadix surrendered to Spanish by Nasrids 
1490 April 4 Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, son of John Hunyadi, dies 
1492 January 2 Granada surrendered by Boabdil to Ferdinand and Isabella 
1492 Vasco da Gama reaches India; Columbus discovers America 
1492 Egypt swept by plague, with over 200,000 deaths 
1494 Ferdinand and Isabella acclaimed "the Catholic Kings" by pope 
1496 July 28 Ka'itbey dies; series of short reigns ensues (to 1501) 
1501 April Kansuh al-Ghuri Mamluk sultan (killed August 1516) 
1502 August 29 Leucas captured by fleets of Hospitallers and Italian cities
1503 July 3 Peter of Aubusson dies; Emery of Amboise grand master 
1505—15 10 Castilians attack Oran, Bugia, and Algiers 
1506 Morisco revolt crushed by Spanish 
1508 Mamluk fleet defeats Portuguese at Chaul, near Bombay 
1509 Portuguese fleet decisively defeats Mamluks at Diu, near Bombay 
1510 August 23 Hospitaller fleet defeats Egyptians near Alexandretta 
1512 May 26 Bayazid II dies; son Selim I (the Grim) Ottoman sultan 
1512 Emery dies; Guy of Blanchefort elected grand master 
1513 Guy dies; Fabrizio del Carretto grand master of the Hospital 
1514 August 23 Selim I defeats shah Ismã'il of Persia at Chaldiran
1515 January 1 Francis I (dies 1547) establishes Angoulême line of
French kings 
1516 August 24 Selim defeats the Mamluks at Marj Dãbiq, conquers Syria
1517 January 22—23 Selim defeats the Mamluks at Raidaniyah, rules Egypt
1517 April 14 Tumanbey II, last Mamluk sultan, hanged at Cairo 
1520 September 30 Selim I dies; son Suleiman I (the Magnificent) Ottoman
1521 January 22 Fabrizio dies; Philip Villiers de l'Isle Adam grand master
1521 August 30 Suleiman I takes Belgrade 
1522 December 18 Rhodes falls to Suleiman after 6-month siege 
1523 January 1 Hospitallers leave Rhodes; Cos and Bodrum surrender to Turks
1525 Teutonic Knights' holdings transformed into duchy of Prussia 
1526 August 29—30 Turks overwhelm Hungarians at Mohacs, kill king Louis
1529 Sept. 26—Oct. Vienna successfully withstands siege by Suleiman
1530 March 24 Emperor Charles V grants Malta and Tripoli to Hospitallers
1534 Villiers de l'Isle Adam dies 
1535 July Charles V captures Tunis as step against Barbary pirates 
1536 Francis I of France and Suleiman I allies against Charles V 
1541 Fleet of Charles V defeated at Algiers in effort to suppress piracy
1550 September 8 Mahdia taken by Andrea Doria to suppress Dragut's piracy
1551 August 14 Hospitallers surrender Tripoli to Ottomans 
1554 Wattãsid dynasty of Morocco supplanted by Sharifian 
1556 Ziyanid dynasty of western Algeria overthrown by Turks 
1558 September 21 Charles V of Spain, Holy Roman emperor 1530—1556,
1561 Livonian branch of Teutonic Knights secularized as duchy 
1565 May—Sept. 12 Hospitallers successfully repulse Ottoman siege of
1566 September 5—6 Suleiman I dies; Ottoman decline begins under Selim
II (the Fat) 
1568—1570 Morisco revolt crushed by Spanish 
1571 October 7 Spanish and Venetian fleets defeat Turks at Lepanto 

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