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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

Page 672

13 06—1 310  Hospitallers under Fulk of Villaret conquer Rhodes from
the Greeks 
1307 November 17 Mongol Bilarghu kills Armenian rulers, crippling Cilician
1307—1312  Templars suppressed by Philip IV of France and pope Clement
1308 early Catherine of Courtenay dies; daughter Catherine of Valois "empress"
1308—13 10  Teutonic Knights gain possession of eastern Pomerania 
1309 May 6 Charles II of Anjou dies; son Robert the Wise king of Naples 
1309  Headquarters of Teutonic Knights moved to Marienburg in Prussia 
1310 June 5 Amalric de Lusignan, usurper of Cyprus, assassinated; Henry II
1311 March 15 Catalans overwhelm Franks at the Cephissus, kill Walter of
1312 early Catalan Company accepts suzerainty of Frederick II of Sicily 
1313 July 29 Several dynastic marriages affect France, Italy, Burgundy, Greece
1314 November 29 Philip IV of France dies; son Louis X, grandson John I rule
1315 or 1316 Raymond Lull, missionary, stoned to death near Bugia in Algeria
1316 July 5 Louis of Burgundy defeats Ferdinand at Manolada; both soon die
1317 January 9 Philip V succeeds infant nephew John I as king of France 
1317  Alfonso Fadrique vicar-general of duchy of Athens (to 1330) 
1318—1319  Alfonso Fadrique takes Thessaly from Greeks as duchy of
1319 June 9 Catalans (Athens), Venetians (Negroponte), Euboeans make peace
1319  Hélion of Villeneuve replaces Fulk as master of Hospital 
1320 summer Andronicus Asen wins much of Frankish Morea for the Byzantines
1321  Mahaut of Hainault imprisoned by Robert of Naples, dies 1331 
1322 January 2 Charles IV succeeds brother Philip V as king of France (dies
1322 January 5 John of Gravina becomes prince of Achaea (to 1333) 
1324 March 31 Henry II de Lusignan dies; nephew Hugh IV king of Cyprus 
1325—1326  John of Gravina leads Angevin army through the Morea in
1326 November (?) Osman dies; son Orkhan becomes Ottoman ruler 
1328  Andronicus II deposed by his grandson Andronicus III, dies 1332 
1328 January 17 Louis IV the Bavarian crowned Holy Roman emperor (dies 1347)
1328 February 1 Philip VI of Valois establishes Valois line as kings of France
133 1—1332  Walter VI of Brienne leads futile expedition against the
1331 December 26 Philip I of Taranto dies; son Robert is lord of Albania
1332—1334  Papacy, Venice, Hospital, Cyprus, Greeks in anti-Turkish
1333  John of Gravina to Albania, Robert of Taranto prince of Achaea 
1337 June 24—25 Frederick II dies; son Peter II becomes king of Sicily
1338 August 22 William II of Randazzo dies; brother John is duke of Athens
13 38—1 341  Catherine of Valois, son Robert, Nicholas Acciajuoli in
the Morea 
1340 October 30 Castilians, Catalan and Portuguese fleets, rout Moors near
1341 June 15 Andronicus III dies; civil war of John V and John VI Cantacuzenus
1341  Sultan an-Nãsir Muhammad dies after interrupted 48-year reign
1343 January 20 Robert dies; granddaughter Joanna I queen of Naples under
1343 August 31 Clement VI forms Holy League with Venice, Cyprus, Hospitallers
1344  Algeciras surrenders to Alfonso XI of Castile after 2-year siege 
1344 October 28 Smyrna taken by league from Umur Pasha, emir of Aydin 
1345—1 347  Humbert II of Viennois leads fruitless crusade to the Aegean
1346  Danes sell northern Estonia to the Teutonic Knights 
1346  Hélion dies; Dieudonné of Gozon master of the Hospital
1346 October 4—5 Catherine of Valois dies; Robert of Taranto titular
Latin emperor 
1348 April 3 John of Randazzo dies; son Frederick I is duke of Athens 
1348—1 350  Black Death (plague) batters Europe and Levant, killing
1 in 3 
1349  t l-khanid dynasty in Iran overthrown, leaving power vacuum 
1350 August 12 Philip VI dies; his son John II is king of France 
1352 February 13 Venetian and Aragonese fleets defeat Genoese near Constantinople
1353  Dieudonné of Gozon dies; Peter of Corneillan master of the Hospital
1354  Ottoman Turks under Orkhan capture Gallipoli from Byzantines 

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