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Zacour, N. P.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume VI: The impact of the Crusades on Europe

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 483-510 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 484

Aachen (German), Aix-la-Chapelle (French): city — F2b5: 2, 3. 
Abyssinia: region — see Ethiopia. 
Achaea (Latin), AchaIa (classical Greek), AkhaIa (modern Greek): district
of northern Morea—12e2: 4. 
Acre; PtolemaIs (classical), Saint Jean d'Acre (medieval), ' Akkä (Arabic),
' Akko (Israeli): city, port—L1f3: 1, 7. 
Adalia or Satalia (medieval), Attalia (classical), Antalya (Turkish): port—K1e4:
1, 3. 
Adana (classical, Armenian, Turkish): city — L1e3: 1, 6. 
Aden; ' Adan (Arabic): port—N1j3: 12, 13. 
Adrianople; Hadrianopolis (classical), Edirne (Turkish): city— J2d4:
1, 3, 5. 
Adriatic Sea; Hadria or Mare Hadriaticum (Latin)— GHd: 2, 3, 4. 
Aegean Sea; Aigaion Pelagos (Greek), Mare Aegaeum (Latin), Ege Denizi (Turkish)—
IJe: 1, 3, 4, 5. 
Aegium: town — see Vostitsa. 
Aenos or Aenus (classical), Enos or Menas (medieval), Enez (Turkish): town
— J2d5: 
3, 5. 
Aetolia (Latin), AitOlia (classical Greek), Aitolla (modern Greek): district
of central Greece — 12e2: 4. 
Afghanistan: region, now a nation, east of northern Persia— QRSef:
12, 13. 
Agros (Greek): Greek Orthodox monastery—K4f1: 8. 
Aguilers (medieval), Aighuile or Aiguilhe (French): village just north of
Le Puy (E4c5: 2). 
Aigaion Pelagos — see Aegean Sea. 
' Am Jalut (Arabic: well of Goliath), Geluth or Well of Harod (medieval),
' En Harod (Israeli): village — L1f3: 7. 
Aire-sur-l'Adour (French): town — D5d2: 2. 
Aix-la-Chapelle: city— see Aachen. 
Akaki (Greek): village — K4e5: 8. 
Akcha-Burgos; Akça-Burgos or -Burgoz (Turkish): village near Kozlu-Dere
(J2d5: 5). 
Akcha-Limon; Akca-Limon (Turkish): port north of Gallipoli (J2d5: 5). 
Akhlat or Ahlat (Turkish), Akhlat or Khilät (Arabic), Khlat (Armenian):
town— M3e2: 1. 
' Akkã, ' Akko: city, port—see Acre. 
Akkerman (medieval), Belgorod Dnestrovski (Russian): port — K1c4: 1.
Aksarai or Sarai-Berke (Tatar): town, now unimportant—N2c2: 13. 
Akshehir; Ak~ehir (Turkish: white city), Philomelium (Latin), Philomêlion
(medieval Greek): town—K2e2: 1, 3. 
Alamut; Alamut (Persian, Arabic): fortress: 01e4: 12. 
Alanya (Turkish), Scandelore or Candeloro (medieval), ' Ala'Iyah or ' Alaya
port—K2e4: 1, 3. 
Ala~ehir: town — see Philadelphia. 
Alba Julia (Latin), Weissenburg (German), Gyulafehérvár (Hungarian),
Alba Julia (Rumanian): town — 14c4: 3. 
Albania (medieval), Shqipni or Shqipri (Albanian): region NW of Epirus, now
a nation—Hd: 3, 4. 
Albano Laziale (Italian): town 14 miles SE of Rome (G3d4: 2, 3). 
Albermarle (French): town, probably fictitious (or error for Blois). 
Albunlena (medieval): battlefield — H5d4: 4. 
Aleksinats; Aleksinac (Serbian): town 17 miles NNW of Nish (12d2: 3). 
Aleppo (Italian), Beroea or Chalybon (classical), Halab (Arabic), Haleb (Turkish):
city—L3e4: 1, 6. 
Alessio: town — see Lesh. 
Alexandretta (medieval), Iskenderun (Turkish): port — L2e4: 6. 
Alexandretta, Gulf of; Sinus Issicus (classical), Iskenderun Körfezi
(Turkish)— L1e4: 6. 

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