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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 636

Chalons-sur-Marne (French): town — E5c2, I. 
Chalybon: city — see Aleppo. 
Champagne (French): region of NE France — Ec, i. 
Chanakkale Boghazi: strait — see Dardanelles. 
Chankiri: town — see Gangra. 
Chardak Boghazi: pass — see Myriokephalon. 
Chariopolis (medieval), Hayrabolu (Turkish): village 25 miles NW of Rodosto.
Chartres (French): town — E2c2, i. 
Chartreuse (French: charterhouse): monastery 50 miles ESE of Lyons. 
Chastel-Arnoul (French): fortress near Bait Nuba. 
Chastel-Blanc (medieval), Burj Safitha (Arabic): crusader castle —
Lzfi, 5, 14. 
Chastel-Neuf (medieval), Uunin (Arabic): crusader castle — Lif2, 6,
12, 13, 14. 
Chastel-Rouge or Rugia (medieval): crusader castle — L2e5, 5. 
Chastel-Rouge: fortress — see Yabmur. 
Chatillon-sur-Loing (French): town 23 miles east of Sully. 
Cherso (Italian), Cres (Croatian): island — G5di, 2. 
Chersonesus Heracleotica: port, now ruined — see Kherson. 
China: region of eastern Asia — not in area mapped. 
Chocques (French): village 19 miles NNW of Arras. 
Chonae (classical), Khonaz or Honaz (Turkish): village — J5e3, 3. 
Chorasmia: region — see Khorezm. 
Chorsa: town — see Kars. 
Chrysoceras: bay — see Golden Horn. 
Cibotus: port — see Civetot. 
Ciciliano (Italian): town — G3d4, 2. 
Cilicia (classical): region of southern Anatolia — KLe, ~. 
Cilician Gates; Pylae Ciliciae (classical), Külek (or Gülek) Boghazi
pass through the Taurus range north of Lampron. 
Cintra: Sintra (Portuguese): town 14 miles NNW of Lisbon. 
CIteaux (French): abbey iz miles south of Dijon. 
Civetot (medieval), Cibotus (classical): port, now abandoned — J5d5,
Civita Vecchia (Italian: old city): port — G2d3, 2. 
Clairvaux (French): abbey — E~cz, i. 
Clermont (French): town — E4c5, i. 
Cluny (French): abbey — E5c4, i. 
Cocussus: town — see Coxon. 
Coele-Syria: district of central Lebanon — see al_Biqac. 
Coible: fortress — see al-Khawãbi. 
Coimbra (Portuguese), Qulumriyah (Arabic): town — C2d5, i. 
Coliat: fortress — see al-Qulai~ah. 
Cologne (French), Köln (German): city — F2b5, i, 2. 
Comacchio (Italian): port — G3di, 2. 
Comana or Placentia (medieval): town, now abandoned — L2e2, 3, 7. 
Como (Italian): town — ~ I. 
Compostela or Santiago de Compostela (Spanish): town — Czd3, i. 
Constance (French), Konstanz (German): town 90 miles SE of Strassburg. 
Constantinople; Byzantium or Constantinopolis (classical), tstanbul (Turkish):
city, port—J4d4, 2, 3, 7, 8, ii. 
Cordillera Cantábrica — see Cantabrian Mountains. 
Cordova; Córdoba (Spanish), Qurtubah (Arabic): city — D ie3,
Corfu (Italian); Corcyra (Latin), Kerkyra (ancient Greek), Kérkira
(modern Greek): island — H5e1, 2. 
Coria (Spanish), Quriyah (Arabic): town — C4e1, I. 
Corice: town — see Cyrrhus. 

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