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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / The first hundred years

Gazetteer and Note on Maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (12.6 MB)

Page 629

Amanus (classical), Gavur Daghi or Elma Daghi (Turkish): mountain range 
—L2e4, 5. 
Amanus Gates; Man (Armenian): pass south of Marash — L2e3, 5. 
Amasya (Turkish), Amasia (classical): town — Lid5, 3, 8. 
Ameria (classical), Amelia (Italian): village 45 miles north of Rome. 
Amida (classical), Amid or Diyar-Bakr (Arabic), Diyarbekir or Diyarbakir
(Turkish): town—M1e3, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, II, 12, 13. 
Amorium or Amorion (classical), cArnmuriyah (Arabic): town, now abandoned
—K2e1, 3. 
Amu Darya: river — see Oxus. 
al-'Amuq or al-'Amq (Arabic), Amik (Turkish): district NW of Artab —
L2e4, 5. cAmwãs: village — see Emmaus. 
Anafah: town — see Nephin. cAnah (Arabic): town — M3fi, 3. 
Anatolia; Romania (medieval), Anadolu (Turkish): region south of the Black
Sea, now Asiatic Turkey. 
Anazarba; Anazarbus (classical), Anavarza (Armenian), CAin Zarbâ or
cAin Zarbah (Arabic): fortress i6 miles south of Sis, now abandoned. 
Ancona (Italian): port — G4dz, 2. 
Ancyra: town — see Ankara. 
Andalusia; al-Andalus (Arabic): region of southern Spain. 
Andechs (German): priory 85 miles s~v of Regensburg. 
Angers (French): town — D5c3, I. 
Angora: town — see Ankara. 
Angouleme (French): town 55 miles west of Limoges. 
Anhalt (German): district of Saxony on Elbe river. 
Ani (Armenian), Ani (Arabic): town, now unimportant — M4d5, 3. 
Anjou (French): region of NW France — D4c3, I. 
Ankara (Turkish), Ancyra (classical), Angora (medieval): town — K3e1,
2, 3, 7, 8. 
Anse (French): town — ~ i. 
Antakya or An~akiyah: city — see Antioch. 
Antalya: port — see Adalia. 
Antap: city — see Aintab. 
Antaradus or Antar~us: port — see Tortosa. 
Anti-Lebanon; al-Jabal ash-Sharqi (Arabic: the eastern mountain) —
Lzfi, ~, 6. 
Anti-Taurus: mountains between the Sarus and Pyramus rivers. 
Antioch; Antiochia (classical), An~akiyah (Arabic), Antakya (Turkish): city
—L2e4, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, II, 12, 13, 14. 
Antioch, Carian: town, now abandoned — J4e3, 3, II. 
Antioch, Pisidian: town, now abandoned in favor of Yalvach — K2e2,
3, 7. Antwerp; Antwerpen (Flemish), Anvers (French): city, port E5b4, i,
2. Apamea (classical), Afamiyah or QaPat al-Muçliq (Arabic): town,
now unimportant — L2e5, 5, II, 12. 
Apollonia-Sozusa: town — see Arsuf. 
Apulia (classical), Puglie (Italian): region of SE Italy — Hd, 2. al-~Aqabah:
port — see Ailah. 
~Aqr as-Sudan or cAqr as-Sadan (Arabic): village near Basra on road to Wasit.
Aqserai; Archelais (classical), Aksaray (Turkish: white market): town in
Cappadocia, ~o miles south of Nyssa. 
Aquitaine (French): region of western France — DEc, i. 
Arabia: peninsula — LMNgh, 3, 4, 6. 
Arabissus: town — see Albistan. 
Aradus: island — see Ruad. 

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