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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Important dates and events,   pp. 622-625 PDF (13.0 MB)

Page 625

1169 March 23 
1169. October— December 
1171 January22 
1171 March—July 
1171 September io 
September 13 or 1174 May ~ July u autumn October 28 December or 1175 January
1176 May22 
1176 September 17 
1177 November 25 
1179 August 25—30 
ii8o March or April 
,,8o May 
ii8o September24 
ii8i summer 
ii8z spring 
ii8z August 
1182—1183 February 
1183 early 
1183 June ii 
1183 October 
1183 November20 
i , 83 December or 1184 January 
ii8~ March ii8~ early ii86 March 3 ii86 late summer 
1187 early 
1187 May 
1187 July 4 
1187 July 14 
1187 October z 
1187 November— December 
 IMPORTANT DATES AND EVENTS 6251187—11891189 August27 Saladin conquers
almost all the Latin statesGuy of Lusignan besieges Acre; preliminary to
the Third Crusade 
Shirkflh dies; Saladin succeeds, granted diploma of investiture by 
NUr-ad-Din March 26, soon masters Egypt 
Amalric's fifth Egyptian expedition, with Byzantine alliance 
Mosul recognizes suzerainty of Nür-ad-Din 
Amalric visits Constantinople; temporary renewal of Franco-Byzantine alliance
At order of NUr-ad-Din, Saladin proclaims the cAbbãsid caliphate 
 in Egypt - 
The last Fã~imid caliph, al-~Açlid, dies 
Raymond III of Tripoli released 
Death of Nür-ad-Din 
Death of Amalric; his leper son Baldwin IV crowned July i~ 
First regency of Raymond III at Jerusalem (to 1176) 
Saladin occupies Damascus 
First Assassin attempt on the life of Saladin 
The caliph formally invests Saladin with the governments of Egypt 
and Syria 
Second Assassin attempt on the life of Saladin 
The Selchükids defeat the Byzantines at Myriokephalon 
Baldwin IV routs Saladin's army at Mont Gisard 
Saladin captures and destroys the fortress at Jacob's Ford 
A reorganized Egyptian fleet raids Frankish ports, takes Ruad in i iSo 
Marriage of Sibyl and Guy of Lusignan 
Truce between Saladin and Baldwin IV 
Death of Manuel Comnenus; succeeded by son Alexius II 
Reginald of Kerak breaks the truce by attacking a caravan to Mecca 
Raymond III of Tripoli denied entrance to the kingdom 
Saladin's land-sea attack on Beirut fails 
Reginald of Kerak raids Red Sea ports 
Illness of Baldwin IV; regency of Guy of Lusignan 
Aleppo submits to Saladin 
Large Frankish army faces Saladin near ~afTUriyah; Saladin withdraws 
Guy deposed from regency; the king's child nephew, Baldwin V, 
Second regency of Raymond III begins; provisions regarding the 
succession to the throne 
Death of Baldwin IV 
Truce between Saladin and kingdom of Jerusalem 
Saladin recognized as suzerain of Mosul 
Death of Baldwin V; coronation of his mother Sibyl and Guy of 
Reginald of Kerak breaks the truce by attacking a caravan from 
Cairo to Damascus 
Templars under Gerard of Ridefort routed near Nazareth 
Saladin defeats the army of Jerusalem decisively at Hattin, captures 
Guy, executes Reginald 
Arrival of Conrad of Montferrat at Tyre 
Jerusalem surrenders to Saladin 
Saladin's unsuccessful siege of Tyre 

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